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Hello and welcome to ‘A Wandering Memory‘ travel, adventure and memory blog.

We created this blog, not only to share our experiences but help and inspire those who wish to, or those who already are travelling.We believe that travel can educate, excite and inspire all of us.

As the founder of A Wandering Memory, I grew up in the UK but my first memory of long haul traveling was a trip to South Africa in 1988 to see family. Although very young I still remember the exhilaration  of seeing my first wild cat at the Kruger National Park and thinking ‘why haven’t I seen these before’ and ‘what a different place this Africa is?’


Although not my first holiday, the difference and diversity of South Africa fascinated me. I asked myself ‘what other places were out there and why do I know nothing about them?’ Little did I know that it was this question that would shape my life’s interests and ignite the flame of passion!

From that moment onwards I took every opportunity to travel; one of the earliest and most memorable trips was to the Middle East in 1996, visiting Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and Israel among others. It was fascinating, to see a melting pot of cultures, harnessing different beliefs and ideologies, all happy to see, talk and interact with us.  I wanted to know everything about these places, and above all I wanted to explore more.

It was around this time in my life that I also developed a love for film, becoming engulfed in the ‘dream’ of adventure that Hollywood portrayed. I remember seeing such diversity in film, from the modern skylines of New York and Los Angeles, to the rugged mountains of Patagonia and the Himalayas – I wanted to see them all – This soon became known as wanderlust!

I soon began to travel solo, making frequent visits to America; becoming enamored with the changing landscapes and immersing myself in both the urban and rural opportunities it had to offer. Take it from me there is a lot more to America than just Florida, New York and California. I even lived there for a time and have many memorable stories.


I soon witnessed the world ‘shrink’ and many people were now venturing further afield, with more exotic locations such as Asia, Australia and South America becoming the norm. I had previously assumed that it was simply out of reach, but I was mistaken. The world changed and along with the new resources of the internet – I was ready to take full advantage

I traveled solo for many years, however now travel with my essential travel companion – my wife Megan. Between us we have been on numerous round the world trips, many long and short haul holidays, and countless explorations of some closer to home destinations.

I personally have traveled to every continent (minus Antarctica) and lived in the UK, Australia, America, Germany, Canada and Panama.

A Wandering Memory is essentially a way of to help & inspire others as well as share memories, reviews and adventures.

The world is an exciting place, full of beauty, mystery, and adventure. 

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30 thoughts on “A Wandering Memory & the Wandering Betts

    1. Ah a Aussie hey! I have been lucky to visit 3 times and live there for a year back in 06. Fantastic place and I have travelled a lot of it. Best routes are Perth to Adelaide and Darwin to Broome. Lovely country. Thank you once again for all the support its greatly received and makes it all worth while.

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      1. My absolute pleasure! The trip from Darwin to Broome is one I haven’t done yet, but it’s on our bucket list for 2016. Do you have any plans to visit again?


      2. Unfortunately not its just a bit too far. I did Sydney to cairns in 2006, Sydney to Melbourne to Adelaide to Uluru to Darwin in 2008 followed by a quick trip to Broome and Perth. 2010 we came back to Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, port Douglas and the north east. Then a year ago we did Perth to Broome in a campervan and then down to Denmark and back around the south west. So many amazing stories it’s such an incredible country… Where are you based? What’s your fav place?

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      3. Wow, well you’ve definitely seen a lot of Australia. Sounds like you had a great time. I’m based north east of Melbourne, near the Yarra Valley, a semi-rural area surrounded by hills, vineyards and olive groves. As for fav places I have lots – I absolutely loved the outback of South Australia (Arkaroola and the Flinders). I love the Great Ocean Road and Kangaroo Island, Perth and Tasmania. But really, too many great places to name and still so much I want to see … and I live here!


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