Wandering – The Story So Far – Updated

Thank you all for following or visiting A Wandering Memory blog, I am so happy to share our adventures and stories with you all. I also REALLY appreciate all your comments and feedback, its been a crazy 2 months with nearly 9,000 views over 43 posts. Your support and feedback is Inspiring…

If you’ve missed anything – Here’s a list of the blogs thus far: Feel free to Read and let me know your thoughts…

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3 thoughts on “Wandering – The Story So Far – Updated

  1. Thank you for your comment on my Drakensberg post. I look forward to reading your interesting posts of places you’ve been to, some of which I shall never be lucky enough to visit sadly


    1. Ah I am happy to share, I never thought I would travel as far and wide as I do, but you never know whats around the corner – Take every opportunity you can and most of all enjoy all of it. Thank you for reading too – David

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