Pure Luxury – Seychelles

I no longer want to…

  • Share a dormitory with 11 strangers
  • Drink all night and go to work the next day
  • Eat a cheap ramen noodles every night to save money
  • Drink so much that the next 2 days are pretty much written off
  • Be uncomfortable when I sleep
  • Stay in a place that looks and smells similar to a Bat cave

Although I have undertaken all of these experiences, it is an inescapable truth I am getting older. However that has not inhibited my lust for wandering, experience and adventure. I just have to pay a little more for it these days. Be it hotels, food, experiences – honestly I do not mind paying for quality.

One such experience was that of a trip to the Seychelles.



I was shocked about the price of hotels, I mean can I stay in a 4/5 star hotel be more than the international flights and our safari trip combined. I knew that this island paradise would be expensive, but some of the resort prices were astronomical.

After a lot of research I chose the Constance Ephelia on the island of Mahe, as it was rated highly and just looked incredible. Well believe me it was the best choice I had ever made. Honestly I could have lived there… it was beyond sensational. We went all out and had a superior room which was I have to admit was probably nicer than our house… with all the modern conveniences you could want. The hotel rooms were situated just off the beach, and my word what a beach – it’s absolutely to die for! Paradise has been found, this was the closest we have ever come to replicating the dream of Bora Bora.


I have never rated a hotel this highly, and have never proclaimed that I have loved a hotel stay as much as I did here. As I mentioned earlier I don’t mind paying for quality and my goodness did this hotel exceed in quality. The hotel delivered, the food was excellent, the facilities were top notch and I have to say the staff – were incredible! I have never experienced such friendly staff anywhere in the world, it was inspiring! Smiles all around and extremely friendly, they made the experience even better, speeding around on their golf buggies, offering lifts to the residents – it was amazing.




The ambiance of the hotel was very zen, and just even a short walk in between building felt relaxing and tranquil. The hotel also houses a number of facilities, such as squash courts, swimming pools and spas. On top of that, they also look after a number local giant tortoise residents.


Its funny, as an experienced traveler and backpacker, I fell in love with this luxury hotel,

  • I fell in love with its luxury,
  • I feel in love with the comfort,
  • I fell in love with the convenience,
  • I feel in love with the quality food
  • and I fell in love with the experience.


So would I ever backpack again – the short answer is yes… but honestly the older I get the more I would struggle.

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