Wanderlust at its Best – Travel Wishlist

The Wandering Memories – Top 20 Wanderlust Wish list

Firstly let me say that this is a hugely difficult list to make… I am still struggling thinking about it while writing it!  That’s why I have done 15 instead of 10… The cheats way out! In my defense there is 195 to choose from! Having traveled the world extensively and having some of the best wandering memories of my life, I thought I would concentrate on countries I have yet to see… So no return visits allowed – Sorry French Polynesia – I still love you…

20. Morocco


We recently discussed going to Morocco as it just seemed silly that we haven’t been – it’s so close and relatively cheap. Places like Marrakesh and Casablanca fuel me with intrigue and wonder. However events in nearby Tunisia just put us off… I know I know, they shouldn’t but it’s the truth

19. Lanzerote


Essentially classified as a Spanish Island, I have wanted to visit since I was very young… with my first tales of Volcanoes in primary school. Its part of the Canary islands, and very popular with European holidaymakers, beaches and volcanoes.. what more is there to want?

18. Greenland


After recently visiting Iceland, I simply like the idea of Greenland – I am not sure there is much to do, but just to explore the glaciers and the real wild landscapes – would be very adventurous.

17. Easter Island


Remote, Isolated, Intriguing – I mean that really says it all – plus they have ancient rocks with heads engraved on them!

16. Cuba

Trip From La Havana to Trinidad - 130

Historically very significant, being one of the only communist countries left on earth (not to be confused with Socialism). Now that ties stopping Americans visiting have been severed… I want to experience it before it gets too commercialized.

15. Cape Verde


I have a thing for Africa – I can’t help it I love the people, the nature, the scenery, the beaches, oh and the food! Essentially I love Africa… But currently West Africa is so dangerous with Ebola, Civil War. Political upheaval – places like Senegal, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone and even Ghana are just a tad too dangerous for me at the moment. So although Cape Verde is a bit of a cop out – a friend of mine had his honeymoon there and it’s always resonated with me.

14. Jordan


Having read a lot of blogs and reviews regarding Jordan, it seems sad that this fascinating country is currently struggling to attract tourists. Although the borders with the troubled Syria are a huge consideration to many, the ancient city of Petra, access to the Dead Sea and the renowned friendly welcoming culture is enough for me

13. Peru


I have always wanted to go to Peru – as The Inca Trail fascinates me! We have seen the Aztec and Mayan temples but the images and stories I have seen and read about the Inca trail just seem a huge adventure – Plus the people are supposed to be amazing – Real salt of the earth

12. Galapagos Islands


Now this is a tough one, as much as I really want to go there and see all of the amazing wildlife – especially the swimming iguanas! The trip from the UK to Ecuador and then either boat or another plane journey to them, just puts it down my wish list slightly. It does look incredible though, a real natural wonder.

11. Antarctica


Again a very tough one, as especially it is the only continent I haven’t visited, but the boat ride there would be killer! We do know someone who has experienced it and said it was horrendous… However the pure white snow, the isolation and the colonies of emperor penguins may be worth it… I just can’t decide.

10. Philippines


Just in the top 10, but climbing rapidly is the Philippines. I enjoy the hustle and bustle of South Asian cities, so think Manila would be interesting. Plus all of the island chains off the central island just look incredible. I have been informed of a few tourist dangers but nothing to pout me off entirely.

9. Croatia


I know, I know what a cliché… it seems everyone is heading to Croatia recently – it’s a new holiday hotspot. And I dislike following the crowd, but it does offer some of Europe’s fascinating history – Roman, Geek, Ottoman and most recently its struggles as the republic of Yugoslavia. If you’re not interested in all of that the beaches are sublime, the weather pleasant and the food out of this world… With lively beautiful cities such as Split and Dubrovnik – What’s not to like?

8. Maldives


I think if we were ever to visit these island paradises, we would need to incorporate it with a trip to Sri Lanka or Southern India, as there is no way we could spend a whole 2 weeks on a what is essentially a sand bank! I do however idolize the dreaminess of this place.

7. Brazil


Again very cliché, but a few days on the beach and exploring the wonders of Rio would suit me perfectly. That coupled with a week exploring the Amazon jungle hunting for Anaconda’s and Jaguars would be amazing!

6. Myanmar


A bit controversial in my mind, as although I liked Thailand it wasn’t my favorite location in the world – I actually preferred Vietnam. Saying that I have a lot of very good memories of South East Asia, and Myanmar (formally known as Burma to many of us) interests me. I would have liked to have seen what Vietnam and Thailand were like before their boom in tourism, and I think the mysterious Myanmar may provide some insight.

5. Argentina


Patagonia and Iguassu Falls really resonate with my desire to be in the wilderness! Plus I could get a real Bear Grylls experience looking for the illusive Pumas and Mountain Lions.

4, Nepal and Bhutan


Very up and coming in the traveling circuit – I see many blogs about trekking in Nepal and it just looks incredible. I could quite happily lose a day or maybe even a month hiking these scenic routes, plus one of my bucket list goals is to make it to Base Camp and attempt to see a rare Snow Leopard one day. Its semi-Neighbour (separated by an Indian province) offers very similar experiences, but seems less frequented. It’s just that temple shot, that I just have to see one day!

3. Vanuatu / Soloman Islands


I have a bit of a love for the Southern Pacific Islands, and having visited Fiji and French Polynesia, I like the idea of the lesser touristy options. I am sure they would be very similar to the French Polynesian neighbours but who cares – Island hoping in this paradise would be a dream…

2. Turks and Caicos / Virgin Islands


I like the Caribbean way of living, relaxed and chilled out. These islands all meet the criteria, warm, beautiful, great food, memorable experiences! It’s all just good…

1. Central Africa – Kenya, Tanzania, Ruanda and Uganda

I know total cop out – how can 4 countries all be placed at number 1? Well the reason behind this is the fact that on our tour of Southern Africa, there was another option to head north to Kenya.  We didn’t know at the time and left the group in Zambia, but this kind of feels like unfinished business! I mean the Masai Mara and Serengeti just appeal to all parts of me… And the Rwanda/Uganda part is simply about the Gorillas and the wilderness.


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54 thoughts on “Wanderlust at its Best – Travel Wishlist

  1. I can recommend Morocco, especially Marrakesh, the Atlas mountains for a long hike or Essaouira on the seaside. Rent a car and do it – it’s nearby as you said.


  2. You would love Brazil! It’s crazy but so fun! Iguazu is something everyone should see in their lifetime. So gorgeous. But soooo hot!!


  3. Interesting list. I haven’t considered a few of your locations (some of the islands) and you have given me food for thought. I can recommend Nepal, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina. Have you been to Columbia? I love that country.

    I spend a lot of time in the Middle East for work but haven’t yet made it to Jordan or ventured into North Africa. I’m waiting for things to settle down!

    Do you recommend Iceland?


    1. Nice you are a true wanderer. Love it . Will post blog on Iceland this afternoon. If you follow me you’ll get it automatically via email. Thanks again for the comments and check out the other some of my earlier post think you’ll find them amusing.


  4. It’s a great list – I’ve done some of these places (Morocco, Cuba, Africa – Tanzania, Zanzibar – Croatia and loved them all. There are 2 problems with travel wish lists – firstly, I keep changing my mind about where I want to go next and secondly, the wallet is not always as accommodating as the plans would like it to be! And in any case, the simple pleasures of local travel can often fulfil your dreams. Happy travelling my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha – I am 35 so have had a number of years – if you really put some dedication into it the world is available – working visas, round the world flights… its all there for the taking. If you need any help just let me know – happy to

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. Yours is real neat! I have a wish list a mile long haha. I used to travel a lot until I had kids haha. As a single mother, travelling’s not easy. I did get to visit Cuba a few years ago and it is one of the most amaze incredible places I’ve ever been. Such a treasure! But life is/was not easy, most people were poor and lived off of ration cards that on the one hand guaranteed that you WOULD have food, but on the other hand it limited how much of it you could have.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I wrote about both but to put it in a nutshell, Myanmar was an amazing experience. As you mentioned, it’s seeing the country in its raw state before the arrival of the tourists (well, more or less). Bhutan was a dream come true for me, so no words, just emotions 😉 I did not go trekking, though – wrong season and quite expensive, I guess Nepal is better for that.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Great list! I need to add Petra to mine too! I can recommend a few of the destinations on your wishlist — if you ever want advice about Easter Island, Peru, Galapagos, Turks & Caicos, or Croatia just let me know, I always love to chat about travel!



  7. Wow! Love the list. It doesn’t have the usual places and that is what I like. Brazil is on my list too along with Spain, Germany and Portugal 😀 We should share more travel stories 🙂


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