A Wandering Memory’s Nautical Journey – Alaska

Whilst living in Vancouver, Megan and I wanted to take every experience available to us. Therefore what is an unmissable experience from Vancouver? That would be an Alaskan cruise – Yes you heard right – Cruise!

Every time I say ‘cruise’, everyone seems to think about the older generation, but why? Why do they get all of the fun? I think it’s particularly ageist… Granted we were the youngest adults on the cruise by far, and became sort of celebrities being British and young! But there is nothing wrong with that… There was no reason to not take advantage of our beautiful new home locations.

This option was just unmissable, it was cheap, it included all food, and it transported us up the coast and into the Alaskan wilderness. It just made sense! Neither of us had even contemplated cruising before but it was just too good to miss. Stops in Juneau, Ketchikan and Skagway were only topped off with a cruise into Glacier Bay. The itinerary was great and we really didn’t know what to expect.




Our skepticism soon changed as soon as we left Vancouver, waving people off like in the movie Titanic… not that we actually knew anyone standing there. Luckily unlike the fated Titanic – it wasn’t to be our last voyage. Our first excursion was to the buffet – yes we didn’t actually realise but it was all food included – Don’t laugh at the fact we bought crisps on-board… ha! You can actually order food at any time anywhere on the boat.



We loved the cruise, it gave us time to just act silly and be together. Granted we had been living with one another, but a small cabin and a ship full of entertainment – what could Megan and I possibly get up-to?. Well… we played shuffleboard in the middle of the night, played basketball at dusk, swum in the outside pool while in Glacier Bay, played hide and seek… and of course spot the European (that was an incredibly hard game, as everyone was American or Canadian!). We also relaxed, got to actually read, and just watch the world go by. Believe me, there is something wonderful about watching the Alaskan coastline – it’s stunning.




We returned from the cruise completely relaxed, and full of the joys of life… It was fun, it was beautiful, it was chilled and overall it was a great wandering memory. I plan on linking this post into stories and memories about the locations in due course.

We had so much fun, and so many incredible memories from this experience, we took the decision to cruise again! This time to the European Baltic’s which I will blog about in due course – Very excited about our next adventure..

If you want to see a lot of spectacular locations fuss free… A cruise is a great option. Don’t overlook it if you’re a seasoned backpacker or traveler. There’s an experience in every type of travel and this was a great Wandering Memory.

Lets look at the facts

  • Its cheap
  • Its transport
  • It usually includes all food
  • Its fun

Here’s a few more pictures of our amazing cruise experience… Please join our adventure on facebooktwitter or Instagram, and get in touch…









18 thoughts on “A Wandering Memory’s Nautical Journey – Alaska

  1. Nice one – glad you got to take in some of that. We live in Seattle and I’ve only been once, but have been itching to go back for many years now. Thanks for sharing. – Bill


  2. Now that I’ve done a 6 day cruise to the Caribbean, I know my next cruise is going to be a southbound Alaska cruise. I don’t have any set plans yet, but this post is definitely upping my longing!

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