Whilst traveling, it is inevitable that you will meet new people (even if you don’t particularly want to). Some, you will have an instant connection with, and some you won’t. Some you will keep in touch with for years to come and some will become a fading memory.

It’s incredible to contemplate that, at this very moment there are millions of people all travelling in one way or another. It’s even stranger to think that some of these people maybe sharing very similar experiences to what you have in the past. Its mind blowing if you think about it… I recently have had some of my Wandering Memory’s jogged by bloggers who have virtually identical stories to me, or even stranger, what appears like identical photos (only years apart).

It is my opinion that when you do meet people who make an impact on you, people who you share an experience with, or create a memory with – it is a necessity to keep in contact. In this day and age creating a real connection with people is proving harder and harder. I mean in everyday life who goes out and actually meets anyone these days? It’s all now done online… and through friends I hear that it’s exhausting. Traveling opens you to a unique experience where people like to connect, be it for an instant, a single day or even a lifetime. I feel that by taking that chance, and interacting with people can reap the benefits – here’s a few of A Wandering Memory’s connection stories…

When moving to America for college, a group of us Brits were thrown completely out of our element. Separated in a huge block of dorms, our group seemed to eat, sleep and go to lectures! That wasn’t what American college was all about, was it? I had seen the films, it was about the experience, partying, drinking and creating lifelong friends. It was by mere audacity that I left my dorm room and ended up in another one that had an open door. Out of the blue I introduced myself to the guys and was immediately offered a beer! That audacious move was completely out of character for me at that time, I literally took a chance and because of that my time there changed… We met people, we went places, and we embraced the experience… Some of my craziest Wandering Memories are from that time in my life – it redefined me. Two of those guys that very day I still consider to be among my closest friends – Nils and Erik, and some of the stories and experiences we have all had together are nothing short of inspiring!

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This trend continued throughout my travels, especially when traveling solo. Rocking up in a dorm room and immediately being invited out happened consistently, and these were the real experiences (see my New York Story – Thank you Jade for that one). I even started to take it even further and occasionally did the inviting out myself, it’s very true that the more you travel the more you get used to that. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t! But every new location offered a new experience, be it by a BBQ on a beach, climbing a mountain with a six pack to watch sunrise, or just snuggling under a duvet with someone special. They all started with some sort of connection…

I remember rocking up to Sydney Australia, which was to be my new home for up to a year, having no contacts or friends at all – and the immediate impact 2 girls had on me – Liza and Tuire. We formed a bond and had some memorable experiences together, from the first trip to Bondi beach to the nights out at the local backpacker bar. These 2 ladies, who I no longer have constant contact with, were something special, they were huge influencers in what was to be the time I truly ‘found’ myself. Anytime I think of that trip – I always think of these two first…  That’s a connection and a memory that is undeniable…


When I returned from my solo venture around the world, I was constantly planning reunions with people I connected with whilst away – it actually kept me pretty sane whilst I was readjusting to normal life.  I remember Katie, Shawn, Rachel, Cheese, James, Kayleigh, Matt & Claire and the Pitt Street gang, all having reunions of one sort or another. The majority of these were amazing experiences and just cemented lasting friendships.


I actually am meeting up with two guys I traveled the East Coast of Australia with back in 2006 this weekend! I mean how ridiculous is that? – nearly 10 years on! These were the guys I night kayaked with, ran on Fraser island, lassoed a goat… we have a LOT of incredible stories together. That trip also holds special meaning for me, as it was where clarity hit in regards to what I wanted to do with my life and who I wanted to be (i’ll spare that story for another time). Luke and Shawn were both part of that and although we haven’t seen one another for a few years prior to our last reunion – I am really excited to see them both again.


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Now I travel with my essential travel companion, things have changed, but not necessarily as much as you think. As we have one another to share every experience with, we rarely meet random people; we tend to meet people we stay in contact with. I assume this is something to do with the requirement for interaction. However when we do meet people, these are usually people who are stuck with us for life – I apologise now especially to Mindy & Ewan, Ange, Drew, Meredith, Lucy, JT, Bella and Edward.

Interestingly though, if I hadn’t have returned from traveling with the confidence to make new connections I may have never met Megan!

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The rewards of all of these connections are visible in all of the stories on A Wandering Memory, and I wanted to thank everyone even if I haven’t mentioned you in name. It really has been the people that I share these experiences with that made them unforgettable!

Here’s to another 35 years of crazy memorable stories and Wandering Memories… and I hope this influences you to get out there and make connections for yourself.

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Some names of note! Flick & Dave, Kate, Maya, Davin, Shawn, Catherine, James, Lyndsey, Claire, Paul, Danny, Tom, Jules, Matt, Becky, Nat, Loren, Fuss, Derek, Brian, Nick, Pat, Ryan, Ryan, Luke, Tania, Reut, Lior, Lindsey, Mary, Brian, Niamh, Shannon, Claire, Susannah, Vimo, Amal, Dawn, Steven, Casey, Julian, Elkie, Sidsel, Christine, Jess, Kirsty, Ross, Hannah, Lani, Donna, Karen, Jennifer, James, Meg, Kristy, Simon, Kelly, Jeff, Danielle, Daniella, Jenny, Charlotte, Kim, Laurie, Glenn, Chantel, Jess, Myriam, Lauren, Jenny, Celina, Magda, Michelle, Mary-Frances, Chris, Chloe, Alma, Pam, Derek, Sarah, Katherine, Eugiene, Marie, Tania, Leslie, Brett, John, Jo , Jade, Azy, Jane, Casper, Agnes, Marie, Chris, Dave, Tanja, Sue, Alex, Dan, Sharon, Katie, Jenn, Eoin, Phil, Amy, DAn. Jeff, Megan, Mike, Nat … Apologies if I have missed anyone…

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  1. Cool. A place is only as great as the people that you meet there. Thanks for posting this!! Reminds me of the amazing, kind and wonderful people I have met on my own travels.


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