A Wilderness Dream – Glacier Bay, Alaska

I got chatting to a friend at work the other day regarding cruises and what was the best Wandering Memory. I love a good cruise, and although wouldn’t want to only cruise for the rest of my life, really appreciate the comfort and ease that they provide. Answering it, along with any questions based on ‘favourites’ are always the hardest questions to answer as every port presents another amazing experience.


One that really took my breath away was the region of Glacier Bay in Alaska. Heading to Alaska was a dream in itself, but Glacier Bay really was something special.

Glacier Bay covers millions of acres of land encompassing dramatic landscapes, dominating snowcapped mountain peaks, acres of wilderness rainforest, rugged wild beaches, waterfalls, sheltered inlets, majestic fjords and of course a number of very impressive Glaciers.


Being a passionate amateur photographer, I was up and out early ready to capture the scenes I had heard so much about.  From the moment we entered to the moment we reached our turning destination, I was outside snapping away… I honestly must have taken over a thousand images just in those few hours. Those first few minutes however were the most tantalizing, with layers of morning mist still creeping around the mountain corners and stillness that only wilderness brings.

IMG_9901 IMG_9919

Another highlight of being awake so early was being able to witness a number of black bears all feeding on a whale carcass washed up a mere few hours prior. Unfortunately it was difficult to capture as such a long way off, but remarkable to witness.


The landscapes were like nothing I had ever seen, dramatic, powerful, eclectic and extremely inspiring. I had been captivated by many a place prior, but this was just something very special. I think it was the contrasts of the milky blue water, pure white ice, lush green forest, and beautiful clear blue sky.

Our first sighting of the high Glaciers was nothing special, as we have seen them and even had the privilege of climbing one and skiing another. However I could image the excitement on some of the passengers faces at just a glance at one of these landscape moulding features. We were met by a pod of dolphins and even the occasional minke whale whilst cruising into the bay, but the real highlight was still to come.

Essentially the Bay has been created by a number of Glaciers that have since retreated into the mountains, however at the end of the Bay; you come face to face with the John Hopkins and Margerie Glaciers.  These are just incredible as directly border the water, like a shield of ice stating ‘thou shall not pass’. The immense size of the wall of ice in front of us was just captivating.

DSCF5690 DSCF5688 IMG_9907 IMG_9914 IMG_9925

It’s incredible how much time you can lose looking at something so ancient; it not only captivates the imagination but just gives you a true sense of how small we really are. It was also great to see the contrasts in coloring, from the rock and dirt affected blacks, the misty grays to the piecing ice whites – truly incredible.

We were incredibly lucky to witness one of the glaciers shed a mammoth ice formation. It started with a loud cracking, so loud we heard it echo around the mountains, and then drastically the loose ice plummeted into the sea not a mile in front of us. The ice made huge waves as it bobbed up and down in its new watery home, settling minutes later. What I had suddenly realised was we had just witnessed the birth of an iceberg, maybe a very small iceberg but still a remarkable experience.

IMG_9935 IMG_9943 IMG_9942 IMG_9938 DSCF5676 IMG_9959

IMG_9945 IMG_9920

We left the bay just as the sky was darkening, and again this gave a truly unique perspective on the beauty of this place, the stars appeared and the water glowed.

A truly beautiful Wandering Memory!

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19 thoughts on “A Wilderness Dream – Glacier Bay, Alaska

  1. I’m dying to get to Alaska myself–I’ve road tripped all over the lower 48 states but there’s just something about Alaska that keeps tugging at me. Amazing pictures. You haven’t helped the wanderlust. 😉


    1. Thank you for the comment – I dont think I am helping my own wonderlust to be honest… Everytime I write I get closer to pushing the button on revisiting some incredible places… Alaska was incredible though – so GO GO GO! Keep in touch and follow the blog for more Wanderlust locations,… I have a petrified forest on my list to write shortly 🙂


      1. Well as you have read by now on my most recent blog, Ukraine wasnt as excited to have me back lol But I have another short week left here before I move onto Germany. We have been visiting the locals in the smaller suburban cities and some of the orphanages here. I think seeing everything here is really changing my perspective on life. Its definitely encouraging me to continue going out and seeing the world! And I would be flattered if you spoke about me! 🙂


      2. of course… I would love you to write a piece on the Ukraine for me taht I could post? Just when you have the time… good luck with Germany I used to live in dusseldorf well work really… You’ll love it. Berlin is also special and make sure you visit Cologne and Hamburg…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Sure thing! I’ll get on that as soon as I can! What kind of blog do you want it to be? More on what to do here for fun, what cities to go to, what places to see, or the work we’ve been doing here with out group?


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