The Russian Ballet – St Petersburg

After our first day in Russia was topped off with a trip to the Ballet.. Now I am not usually a fan of Opera or the Ballet, but really when given the opportunity to watch one of the most iconic Russian ballets (by Tchaikovsky nonetheless) in its birth place you can’t pass that up!

I have seen ballet productions before and honestly I can really appreciate the art form, I mean it must take years and years to be able to master the complicated steps and engaging performance. I have nothing but respect for this incredible art form.

The ballet hall was a little smaller than I expected, and in all honesty the first few minutes were a little dull… But as the music filled the room and the story really took shape – I was completely lost and engrossed in the music and the incredible movement.


My interest really did surprise me, but when the swan dance came on, I suddenly released I was hooked and completely tuned into the ballet and music itself.

Interestingly enough the finale changed from the traditional ending, which was a shock to us all in the audience, but we found out this was synonymous with Russian productions. What a treat!


What a great Wandering Memory – The most famous Russian ballet, seen in Russia itself! Brilliant…

12 thoughts on “The Russian Ballet – St Petersburg

  1. Not gonna lie, Im pretty jealous! I love ballets! Ive been staying in an apartment this past week RIGHT next door to the Ukraine Opera House. I finally got around to looking into it after seeing huge crowds in front of it every evening. I found out that they had been playing ballets every night since Ive been here except mondays. Sadly good seats are worth up to $300!!!! But it looks absolutely beautiful and so far Ive heard nothing but amazing reviews. Im hoping to get to go see a show next time I visit.

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    1. Go its completely intoxicating… a real suprise. I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Opera House and see a collection of Operas… its sensational! You should go… its worth the experience. We booked a broadway show for new york in a few weeks 🙂

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      1. I just dont have that kind of money right now, as im on a REALLY REALLLLYYY tight budget for my time left here. So it looks like I have to miss it this time. But im sure Ill be back. I cant NOT visit Ukraine after all the friends Ive made here. It calls for a visit and a great event to look forward to 🙂 Im sure the opera was amazing! And New York?!?! Ahhh i miss that place! Be sure to post abou it


      2. There’s trains that go that way and my family have a b&b up there I think it’s around 35 a night but it’s my favourite place in the uk… Beautiful yo say the least. Let me know the dates and plans for London and if you would like a tour guide always happy to help

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