3 Is a Family – Trio

Who said 3 is a crowd?

To this Canadian Black Bear – 3 is a family!


We captured this memorable moment whilst in on a trip to the beautiful town of Tofino on Vancouver Island. It was the first time we had ever seen wild baby bears, and it seemed that mum was scouring the rocks for food to feed her young cubs.

A truly natural and heart warming Wandering Memory.

This will be my first entry into the weekly photo challenge with the theme of Trio

19 thoughts on “3 Is a Family – Trio

  1. Amazing trio! I’ve never seen bears in wildlife. Were you afraid? Your photo is really a great take for this challenge. Congrats.


    1. Hi olga. Thank you for the comment. Yes it was a sublime experience we were very lucky. No no fear here as we were a distance away in a boat. If I was on shore I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do!!! Ha.


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