One of the biggest Gatherings in the world

This week’s photo challenge was inspired by the word Gathering.

Since I have concentrated on animals in my last few photo challenges, my immediate thoughts this time concentrated on people.

Two years ago I was lucky enough to get tickets to one of the biggest, my iconic gatherings of people in the world – Glastonbury music festival. The achievement of getting tickets was an amazing feeling, as over 2 million people attempt it every year.


Glastonbury Music festival is set over three days (five if you’re camping), and has a maximum capacity of over 135,000 people – ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND people!

Amazingly during my five-day experience I witnessed nothing but positivity, friendliness and unadulterated joy. This was a special place that bought the best out in people. A gathering of this considerable size, mixed with alcohol and goodness knows what else, just screams conflict (and I am sure there was a few incidents here and there) but I saw none of it! We all appreciated it together, partied together, ate together and experienced the festival together.

Glastonbury is more than the 700 musical acts playing, it’s also an eclectic mix of spirituality, education, gourmet food and its has very clear origins in counterculture. It’s an exciting and fascinating place to be. You can like dance, rock, country, metal, rave, alternative, blues, hip-hop or even pop, Glastonbury caters for most genres. The ability to meet and speak to so many varied personalities, it’s just something very special. An eye-opening event, that not only entertains but educates as well.

It’s an incredible experience, a huge gathering and a true Wandering Memory.

I hope you enjoyed the Wandering Memory of the biggest Gathering I have ever witnessed and been privileged to be part of. Please check out the rest of A Wandering Memory blogs here or Follow A Wandering Memory

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