Christmas in New York

We have just returned from my ninth trip to New York City, and as previously discussed in some length the city still offers a host of new experiences. Although we had previously visited New York for New Year, we hadn’t really soaked in the Christmas spirit that is synonymous with the city over the festive period.


We were very surprised when the weather forecast gave us sunshine and +15 degrees centigrade for the whole trip! I am not sure if I was disappointed or happy, as Christmas in New York should be cold and snowy right? But then again walking around in T-shirt and Jeans in December was actually pretty nice.

The weather didn’t dampen the Christmas spirit with some amazing festive markets popping up at Union Square, Columbus Circle and Bryant Street Park. All of the markets were incredibly varied, offering a variety of tasty christmas treats, seasonal gifts and a warm festive feeling.


The Bryant Street Park market even offered a pop up ice skating rink, to add even more options to the permanent ones in Central Park and Rockefeller Centre. We didn’t indulge as Megan really doesn’t like Ice Skating, but in previous trips I have. I think there is something very special about Ice skating in New York, but really you need snow for that really magical feeling.


Christmas also took over the streets, especially at night with an array of festive lights filling the majority of the avenues. Shop lights glow in the majority of streets and some of the smaller side streets even have specific street decorations. It’s not all about the shops though, there are also a number of christmas scenes littering the city such as angels, enlarged baubles and festive reefs – it’s just very special.

A number of beautiful Christmas trees have also still sprung up all over the city. The main tree is located in the Rockefeller Square and it’s magnificent – a large bushy tree that is totally covered in dazzling fairy lights. Very Christmassy! My favourite of all the trees we saw was actually the Washington Square Park one, tactically placed underneath the arch facing down the long New York avenue. But the really special things, was the Empire State building in the background. Although we didn’t get to experience it, I also know that there are numerous opportunities to see Santa as well.


Speaking of Christmas lights, well we did our research pre-trip and saw that one experience not to be missed was that of Dyker Heights in Brooklyn. This is a suburban neighbourhood at the foot of Brooklyn, taking around an hour from midtown Manhattan, but is well worth the experience. This residential area springs to life over the Christmas period with decorations galore. I am not talking a bit of tinsel here and there, I am taking huge models, statues, music, animated scenes and lights – lights just everywhere. Be it a bush, a tree, the dogs kennel – everything is coated in lights. It’s so incredibly extravagant –  It was like nothing Megan and I had ever seen. It was truly dramatic, jaw dropping and a definite Christmas highlight.










What would a Christmas trip to New York be without a bit of festive shopping. And shop we did – Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Tiffany’s and Bleeker Street offered a lot of choice. But we also took to Woodbury Common for some real bargains at the outlets…


Although the weather wasn’t particularly synonymous with Christmas, we really enjoyed our 4 day break and really got into the Christmas spirit.

Thank you New York for another amazing experience. Have a lovely Christmas one and all…



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