Cultural Beauty – Miyajima

A Wandering Memory

It suddenly occurred to me that I have only written one blog about Japan, which really is sacrilege, as it was one of the best surprise experiences in the a wandering memory collection.

My previous blog concentrated on the wonderful experience of seeing the elusive Japanese Geishas of Kyoto. This piece will head further south to the island of Miyajima, which itself is a short train ride from Hiroshima. Actually the island itself is called Itsukushima; however everyone refers to it as Miyajima – which means translates to ‘Shrine Island’.

It is that shrine (the UNESCO World Heritage Itsukushima Shrine) which is the island’s crowning glory. I believe the history around the shrines construction is very vague, but estimates place it in originally in the 6th century, however I remember reading that it’s been rebuilt a number of times, due to fire, flood and other natural forces.


The shrine…

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