Elemental Dancing

Our lives are full of Dance, some would say we dance our way through lives.

We lift, we sway, we step, we pivot some of us even glide…

There is something special about the art of dance! It’s expression, it’s passion and most of all it’s enjoyable…

A Wandering Memory has many stories of dance, witnessing some of the most eclectic dances, from all over the world – Ballet to Raves, African tribal to Latin American samba, moshing to ballroom! All are beautiful in their own way…

One of our most amazing Wandering Memory experiences was the art of Thai fire dancing, which is so fast, capturing it on camera makes for a dramatic image.


posted in response to the Daily Post weekly Photo Challenge of Dance. Check out our array of travel blogs here including a host of beautiful imagery

11 thoughts on “Elemental Dancing

    1. Thank you Lena. I don’t think it’s a great image as is very blurry but capturing movement back then wasn’t something I knew how to do esp in the dark! But thank you so much for the comment and support felt right for the theme.

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