Azure Window – Gozo, Malta

On booking our trip to Malta, we were inundated with advice that a trip to the northern isle of Gozo was a must! What could be so special about this place that it was simply considered unmissable?

Well I did a little research and it looked ok, but nothing could have prepared me for the natural beauty of the Azure Window.

The Azure is a remarkable arch rock formation, carved over thousands of years by natural erosion from the sea and skies. All of these natural landscapes are something special, but the Azure harbours a number of extra special adventures.

The first is a number of caves well hidden at the rear of the window. These caves are accessible by boat from a lagoon that resides to the east of the formation. The lagoon is a naturally turquoise colour and gleams in the sunshine. This lagoon stretched out to the cliff face where a single opening leads to the rear of the window and a host of other natural caves.


The short boat ride through the tunnel is dramatic, the turquoise lagoon, meeting the wide open mediterranean sea. The darkness of the tunnel is only lit by the reflections against the bright pink coral aligning the crevices just under the surface.


Once through a number of hidden caves demonstrate the overwhelming power of the seas. Most filled with legions of jellyfish, the short boat ride was turning into quite the adventure. A few other natural structures such as a crocodile and human face carved into the stone, are but two impressive formations.

If I haven’t convinced you enough that this place is an essential draw to the Maltese islands then maybe the final image will! A natural dive hole next to the Azure window…

I hope this has inspired you to visit the beautiful Malta – if not take a look at our initial post on Valletta here and follow A Wandering memory today

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9 thoughts on “Azure Window – Gozo, Malta

  1. Wonderful photos! I remember your first Malta post and remarking on how I’m disappointed I had to drop Malta from my upcoming trip. Thankfully, I get to travel there “virtually” with your awesome posts 🙂

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