Forbidden Pools – Las Vegas

I have recently been blogging a lot about locations and advice. However if you have been following A Wandering Memory for a while, you will know we have a lot of stories also.

Some of our most incredible memories are captured because of the experience not necessarily the location. The experience we will share today revolves around the forbidden pools of Las Vegas.

Living in Salt Lake City we got quite a reputation, as we were British and therefore very different to the norm. We started to feel a sense that we could talk our way into parties, bars, events just because we had accents! and in a lot of cases we were proven right…

during our college stint we visited Las Vegas a number of times and thus had heard of the amazing swimming pools at Caesars Palace. We never had the money to stay in the luxurious hotel, and soon discovered that the pool facilities were monitored and reserved for hotel guests only. I didn’t think that was really fair back then…


So we conducted a number of reconnaissance missions to the pools, scouting out the illustrious doors and security that protected them. It seemed that there was no way through without passing security. So being a cocky English visitor I plucked up the courage and walked up to the doors. I hadn’t got a millimetre through the door, before I was intercepted and asked for my hotel card. I spoke in my most British accent when lying that I left it upstairs… This always worked in Salt Lake – Well it didn’t here? – Damn it!

Through many visits, I tried my luck but every time the hotel saw straight through me. Those doors became the forbidden fruit, like the gateway to Eden or the lost city of Atlantis – I was getting slightly obsessed with the conquest of those mirrored doors. I  tried dressing up in a suit, I went in my shorts, I tried in the evening, I even suggested to the security a little incentive but NO no luck at all.

It took nearly 10 years to get through those doors, and it wasn’t by luck at all – but through actually staying at the hotel I coveted so much! Even worse after spending all of that money staying there – I wasn’t questioned at all – Typical!



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