Capturing the Abstract

What an amazing difficult photographic prompt – Abstract!

What is the true meaning of the word… existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence. How do you photograph an idea?

I stood, my mind meandering through A Wandering memories vast photographic catalogue… My immediate reaction revolved around abstract artists such as Van Gough or Turner. But that’s other people’s art, what about my own…

My thoughts turned to the heavens, the changing colours of the sky have always been something that amaze me…


Next, my mind centred around love. The emotion itself is doesn’t have a concrete or physical existence but I can attest to its existence. I have many photos that incorporate love but my favourite is…


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13 thoughts on “Capturing the Abstract

  1. Beautiful! Also of course love the photo of you and your wife! How long have you been married? I’ve been with my gain and since I was 22 but didn’t marry until 28 and now we’ve been together for 20 years! 😊

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