The Money Shot

When I first travelled the world for a year I decided to start a blog just to keep my family informed of my progress and the adventures I had been having.

Travelling the world for the first time, especially to places of such wonder and mystery such as China, Vietnam and Fiji, everything is new, everything is wondrous and there is an adventure around every corner.

I took SO many photos, since every aspect was exciting to me. I had images of sacred trees, moped drivers, rivers, roads, hilltops.. the list is endless. However I always knew when I had captured something special. So when using my original blogs to house these images I used the title ‘The Money shot’. This pretty much explained to my family the photo I thought was best – that real moment of wonder captured by my small Cybershot camera.

These days my family still use ‘The money shot’ every time they go away and take a photo they are really proud of!

Here are a few of mine from that original trip!

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