The UK is still…

In the midst of the political upheaval currently dominating the media and sweeping over the UK, I wanted to try to remind the world that the UK is still a wondrous country full of culture, beauty and history.

Brexit is now a reality. That is a fact, and the ‘remain’ uk voters along with the whole world will hopefully accept it in the near future. Although the UK is swimming in unchartered waters don’t let this put you off this beautiful collection of countries

The UK is still the UK, it is still home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, including the gorgeous Scottish Highlands, inspirational Lake District, rugged Cornish coastline and tranquil Welsh countryside.




It is still home to an array of natural wild inhabitants, nestled in woodlands, parks and even some urban areas. Taking a minute to explore nature within the UK could leave you surprised.







It is still home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, including palaces, roman ruins, churches, world class museums and galleries. Although many are housed within London locations such as Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, and the Tate, look further afield and you’ll find Hadrian’s Wall, Stonehenge, Roman Baths and even the legendary Camelot.







It is still the birthplace of Shakespeare, Churchill, Darwin, Newton, the British Royal family and an incredible amount of literary  giants, such a Tolkien, Austin, Chaucer, Dickens, Wordsworth JK Rowling, Beatrix Potter and Chaucer. As such it is the home of Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, Peter Pan, King Arthur and even Harry Potter.





It is still the home of the most significant musical genres and bands of all time, the Beatles, Eric Clapton, the Sex Pistols, Led Zeppelin, Queen, the Rolling Stones and more recently the phenomenon that is Adele.


It is still home to some amazing coastal scenery including white chalk cliffs, pebble beaches, hidden coves and pure golden sand.



It is still the home of very proud diverse friendly people, who despite recent events, welcome tourism to their country.


It is still home to arguably the most iconic city in the world, London. With its enchanting blend of historical significance, world-renowned entertainment, culinary diversity and iconic locations. You could spend a month exploring everything London has to offer and still feel that you missed certain spots. London is nothing short of a playground for memory making.


That’s not to mention the UK is still home to an array of other vibrant cities such as York, Manchester, Edinburgh and Cardiff all offering contrasting unique experiences.


Many also forget that the UK is still home of endless alternatives to the big cities mentioned, with ‘lesser’ travelled jewels such as St Ives, Whitstable, Tenby, Aberystwyth, Grasmere, Portree all presenting incredible visual and sensual delights.


Having travelled and experienced 59 magnificent countries around the world, we can attest that the UK is a very special collection of countries. It encompasses experiences to satisfy every taste, be a voyage of discovery, a family vacation, a special occasion or even a quick city break. The UK doesn’t only offer a simple holiday, it offers you the opportunity to make your own memories and stories like no other.

Don’t let the current climate put you off – Visit the UK for an experience you’ll forever cherish.


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27 thoughts on “The UK is still…

  1. Wonderful post! With so much media attention of Brexit and the death of Jo Cox this post was needed. I hope I won’t need to write one in November! I am seriously frightened. Sharing your post now

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    1. Thank you Nicole. I wrote it last night and tried to make it as impactful as possible with the still is hook! It was very off the cuff as really didn’t see this coming and we are a little apprehensive of the long term effects. Ah yes the trump factor I assume? It does scare me slightly that we may have seen the rise of popularism… Boris Johnson and Donald trump in charge of the world… Crazy times!

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      1. That all we can do. I am not a fan of either and hate that popularism is taking over when you look at the threats we face today. It’s not what I wanted but it’s done so we have to pull together as a world to face the future


      2. Yes scary times. I was stunned that Brexit passed. Have things calmed down? Yes Trump is a complete embarrassment and actually makes me really sad more so that people actually would vote for him! Scary times in the world.

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      3. Yes things seem to have calmed slightly but the Political parties are in turmoil! With lack of faith and leadership since Cameron resigned! Saying that there was a protest this weekend in London about the choice… It’s all a bit chaotic but will calm down. Saw the pound stabilised a bit too which is good news. Gotta see what happens in next few weeks! Yes trump is a interesting character definitely not someone we would expect to see as president!

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  2. Hi Dave. Great Blog. Well written and positive with great pictures. This is a wonderful country with beautiful countryside and places to visit. It has a proud history and people flock here to enjoy it and always will.The current fall in the value of the pound makes it cheaper for people to visit from all over the world and now is the time to visit us. I expect in the longer term for the pound to improve. The current hysteria will wain as we are a long way off leaving and in the meantime we will remain part of the Union. We are a proud country and now need to engage with the rest of the world. There will be significant hic cups along the way but we should be strong enough to deal with them and make a better country for our children’s children. We will see.

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    1. Thank you grey moustache. The blog was definitely themed to ensure those who feel that the uk may not be the place to visit that it still is. The U.K will endure however now is a time for a lot of work. I just hope our as you say our children are better off. .


    2. You’re right…I can actually afford to visit England again with today’s more favorable exchange rate to the dollar. I loved it and at one time thought I’d be able to visit England a couple of times a year. The currency conversion was too prohibitive, though.

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  3. Love your optimism. Photos are outstanding. Been to most of those places by tandem,walking train in the 1950s. 1986 by car, train,bus and walking, ditto 1987, 1989, 1990, 1992. Used to live,study, work in London. Love the UK.
    Nieces,nephews,cousins,grandchildren still visiting UK every year. Britain will do okay through any crisis.

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    1. Hi Dorothea. In all honesty it wasn’t what I wanted personally but it’s done so we have got to reassure the world that we are not racists, we love our European neighbours and that the uk will always welcome them to visit!


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