Clarity – The Lake District – UK

We can’t believe it’s been a year since we posted about the incredible experience the Lake District holds. It was a reminder that the UK is still an incredible place to visit with scenery that simply captivates the imagination.

A Wandering Memory

Wandering memories do not always have to be from an exotic country, half the world away, but can happen any time in any location.

Numerous of mine are all centred on a location, a couple hours from where I now live, the Lake District. As a child my parents used to take me and my sister to the Lakes, as I believe their parents did with them. I used to hate it! It wasn’t America, it wasn’t exciting, it wasn’t glitzy, it wasn’t on TV, it just didn’t interest me. As I am now older and a lot more mature (don’t ask my wife that), I love the district of northern England that has plagued my childhood. The area is vast, full of green fells, luscious moors, hidden waterfalls, a variety of crystal clear lakes and wildlife galore, its beauty is simply inescapable. Mixed in with that beauty are small windy…

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