African Horror

We have just finished watching an episode of Ross Kemp’s Extreme World – A UK TV show which looks at some of the most horrific elements of humanity and the natural world. It includes subjects that include the rise of nationalism, gangs, human rights, the drug trade, violence, poverty and even the worst human atrocities. Its pretty captivating and yet sickening at the same time!

The one which has inspired this piece was the absolute horror of the ever increasing Elephant poaching in northern Mozambique, due to the demanding human need for Ivory. By need, we are being more than sarcastic! We have no need for it at all, it is an industry built on desire and pure greed! Poaching isn’t just a danger to Elephants, but a number of other African animals such as Rhinos, Gorillas, Lions and even Zebra.. No matter what animal – it literally sickens us!


Africa is without a doubt one of the most inspiring natural places in the world. It is blessed with natural wonders, beautiful scenery and some of the most inspiring natural wildlife in all of the world. All is all, it is a Wandering Memory dream.


We have been lucky enough to have extensively explored Southern Africa, and have been in the presence of some of the most iconic inspiring wildlife this world has to offer. We realise that you can visit these animals in parks and zoos around the world, but witnessing them in the wild is an experience like no other. It’s breathtaking…



Africa is a place that still allows the wild to flourish, even in the age of man. We believe it still should and that we should protect these majestic creatures from ourselves, and make sure our children have the ability to witness the natural order of the wild. The ability to see a wondrous array of beautiful creatures roaming freely in their own habitats. A place where we, as human beings are not in control.







The wild , the true wild is spectacular. Its untamable, unique and  a complete surprise each time you visit. The key is that we visit it, we do not, and should not own it…

Having watched the episode today, we understand that starving people sometimes have little choice, or that people have to protect their livelihoods. I don’t agree with it but I understand it. We believe there are alternative ways in which these can be dealt with but that is an educational piece. What we don’t understand is the slaughtering of majestic creatures for money and material gain, it is simply  unacceptable and should be dealt with accordingly (maybe by a worldwide anti poaching coalition). We realise it’s easier said than done with corruption rife in Africa, but something serious needs to imminently change or the world will weep when we lose one of the most incredible natural  Wandering Memories.

Do you also lust for Africa – come to see some more beautiful aspects of A Wandering Memories Africa here.


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4 thoughts on “African Horror

  1. Absolutely right. This disgraceful trade needs to be stopped. Only International condemnation will be a start with the trade being banned especially in China. Poachers or traders caught need to be given heavy prison sentences as effectively this is murder leading to extinction.

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