New Jersey Options

As per our last post for a readers trip to New Jersey, we now wanted to concentrate on the other nearby attractions that could come into contention during their stay.

Philadelphia – Situated in Pennsylvania, New Jersey’s neighbour may not have the flair of New York City but it certainly has the history.  Its history draws back to pre-European settlement by Native Americans and more famously the city’s role in the role in the American Revolution. It was this city that played host to the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin who signed the declaration of independence and the constitution within the city itself. The city itself is still home to 67 National landmarks and most famously the Liberty Bell – one of the most iconic symbols of the American Revolution.  It is well worth half a day’s exploration if not more.


Big battlefields such as Gettysburg are a 2 hour drive from the city, however you may be able to visit the New Jersey fields instead with Princetown battlefield a little closer. I also nearly forgot one of the most iconic symbols of Philadelphia… Rocky Balboa who has his own statue at town hall… silly but worth a visit


In all honesty we did the historic tour and spent most of the rest of our time in a number of local restaurants and bars, so cannot do justice to the city. What we can say is that the locals are very hospitable and the food is also pretty good (especially the iconic Phili Cheese Steak – worth the trip alone).

Atlantic City – Known by many as the Vegas of the East, Atlantic City has a reputation for its mammoth casinos and party lifestyle. However there is also a lot of history here, with a long-standing historic boardwalk that stretches the beautiful Atlantic beach front. I don’t know if it’s your thing but there is something special about a beach during the winter months, just wandering down deserted sand it something we love here at A Wandering Memory. Don’t be afraid to head into the casinos also, they cater for all types from seasoned gamblers to first timers… it can actually be quite a lot of fun if your sensible.

The Jersey Shore – recently made a little notorious by the TV show, it’s not all drinking and partying in this somewhat overlooked destination. Numerous towns reside along a narrow stretch of land that pivots out from the coast and most are worth an exploration. Long boardwalk run the length of the shore and can provide a very picturesque walking location. One of our American friends usually visits the beach every couple of weekends during the summer. Choose from Seaside Heights (commercialised and with a fun fair), Barnegat Light (our recommendation) or Beach Haven.


We have also heard great things about Cape May which was a destination of the rich and powerful in the 18th-19th century. The houses and coastline are rumoured to be the finest and most beautiful in New Jersey. We have also heard that there are many stops along the Appalachian Trail that are worth visiting including High Point State park & Deleware Water Gap National park

Personally I have visited the state’s two biggest cities Jersey City and Newark and personally wouldn’t recommend they be avoided as don’t hold any significance for your trips unless you use them as a base.

We hope this helps… If you need any ideas on a place your visiting that A Wandering memory has – Get in touch.

6 thoughts on “New Jersey Options

  1. Hey Just stopped by your blog .Its truly inspiring 😊.And I just hope to see the world 🌎 like you in years to come .And it’s very true that there is more in US other than Florida , Cali or NYC.My traveling companion is my husband who is also a great photographer .

    I am still a tot in the world of blogging .Find me here at to see my travel diaries!!! Hope to write like you soon .

    Cheers from Fellow traveller

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      1. I am from India & currently located in US for some time . A great fan of your writing && hoping to travel like you 👍🏼.Keep posting

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