Uniting The Wandering Community

Having run A Wandering Memory for over a year now we have been hugely privileged to become part of the wordpress community. A number of these community members are incredible bloggers in their own right and it is such a wonder to be inspired by their thoughts and posts.

As such a fellow travel blogger Michael and I have been chatting for a while and both decided to unite. He is a fellow wanderlust, wandering enthusiast and global traveller running the brilliantly written and informative the wandering broski.

His posts concentrate on helping and inspiring people to open up to the travelling world, including his own adventures in hostels and a number of personal recommendations. I love reminiscing with the posts and following his adventures.

As such I will be sharing a number of his posts through A Wandering Memory as well as my usual blogs… I hope you continue to enjoy both

With a brilliantly resonating slogan of live for the journey, not the destination – I thoroughly recommend you check it out!



12 thoughts on “Uniting The Wandering Community

  1. Thanks for promoting this other travel blog. Always enjoy getting different perspectives from other travel bloggers when planning International trips. Hope you will continue this co-promotion/featured blogger section moving forward.

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    1. Hey Ray. Thanks for the reply I believe that too. The community is so large but incredibly supportive. We really appreciate the support and well wishing. Hopefully we can reach even more fellow travellers and continue in our aim to help and inspire.


  2. Wonderful initiative, I wish you all the best with it. I’m sure with your combined talents and experiences we’ll be treated to many more amazing destinations and adventures.


    1. Hey Miriam. Long time no speak… how are you? Have you been away? Appreciate the support as always, hope that we can continue to promote others and help where we can. Still open to that guest blogging piece if you ever want to… hope all is well

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      1. Hi Mike, it has been a while. I’m okay. Had a pretty difficult few months since mum passed away but I have to admit that my blogging’s probably saved me! Still doing the odd bit of traveling but nothing too far for the moment, just weekend camping trips. Next year hopefully will do more. Look forward to keeping more in touch with you. Cheers.

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      2. Hey Miriam… it’s David, mike owns the other blog. I am so sorry to hear about your mum, that must be terrible. We are lucky enough that that hasn’t been something we have been through yet and am sure it’s so difficult. Pass our regards into your family. Of course you know where I am if you need to chat. Looking forward to more of your uplifting posts also…

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