Sparking a Memory with Music

It’s incredible how music can spark a memory, only yesterday I was listening to a bit of a Spotify mix and a song by the band Ash came on – all of a sudden I was transported back to my teenage years with my friends Paul and Tim. We were young, we were naive and we had no idea what the world had in store for us… What a sensation!


The mix got better throughout the day and I found myself back in Paris with Jimmy Eat World, Boulder with Pearl Jam, Queenstown with the Killers, Fiji with Westlife (don’t judge me – there is another ) and Australia with Snow Patrol. The longer I listened the more vivid the memory would become.

My love for Snow Patrol had begun when I was at school, but their hit song Chasing Cars had become a constant reminder of my time in living and working in Australia. Armed with nothing but a Sony MP3 player I wandered the streets of central Sydney on many occasions, sometimes with no particular goal. The shops held no interest to me, I was free of consumerism – my money all went on travel, food and accommodation. That thought alone sent a shivering wave through me, I wasn’t interested in products I was interested in the experience. I wondered if this was the first time I had felt like that.

No matter what route I took through those commercialised streets, I always seemed to find myself in site of the magnificent Opera House. I had learnt to appreciate my surroundings like never before. That structure had no particular significance in my life, it wasn’t like I had roots there or history, but anytime I passed it, it unleashed a realisation that I was so lucky to have all of this adventure in front of me! Every day was a new adventure – I was alone and making my own way.


What a memory to have… and of course one to share…

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11 thoughts on “Sparking a Memory with Music

      1. Yeah, I think it’s going to hit the hip pocket hard unfortunately.
        The family’s well. Everyone busy doing their own thing. Kids are growing up, leaving us more time to have occasional weekends away!
        I’m enjoying your posts.

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      2. Much appreciated. Want to find a way to get a bigger reach but am finding it very difficult. We have so much to share and so much to write and would love to find a bigger audience. Anyhow glad to hear family is ok esp after your recent bad news. Good that you still get to go away a lot. We are on lock down pretty much nesting for babies arrival

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      3. What an exciting time it is for you. I still remember those days of anticipation. When is the expected date?
        With regard to a bigger reach, if there’s anything I can do to help just let me know. Cheers.

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      4. Baby is due on Christmas Day can you believe! Great timing… yes very apprehensive but excited. Ah that is very kind – feel free to reblog whatever you really appreciate on the site. I know you have a dedicated following too so it is appreciated. God your doing well feels like we’ve been chatting for years now!

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      5. Christmas Day? Wow! Now that will be the ultimate gift.
        And yes, I’ll keep an eye out and happily reblog anything I really love. All the best to you both.


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