Reminiscing & Memories – Vancouver

As we get older we reminisce more frequently. With such an eclectic repertoire of Wandering Memories we find ourselves bouncing from place to place.

Recently we have found that a lot of our thoughts have been based on the first city we truly called home as a couple – that city is Vancouver.

Vancouver holds a special place in Megan and I’s hearts – it was the first place we lived together, the place we called our first home and the place I first decided that I wanted to ask if she would be my wife!

The apartment was nothing special, in fact it was very normal, but we still remember it with integral detail. From the open plan kitchen/diner separated by a serving window, to the balcony that overlooked one of the busiest roads in all of the city! We seem to miss it all.

Our memories here are synonymous with the amazing experiences we had. Most weekends housed a new adventure, be it skiing the nearby mountains, hiking the huge variety of national parks, lying on the beach or just popping down to the local Vietnamese supermarket. It didn’t matter, we were young, together, free and the whole world was at our feet. An adventure in itself!

Vancouver was our base for explorations to Alaska, Washington, Northern British Columbia and Vancouver Island which we returned to the city with no hesitation. In fact sometimes we were even happy to be back, that’s how we knew it was a true home.

Vancouver offered us everything, beaches, snow, new lifelong friendships and all in all a world of adventures. If we do decide to leave the UK at some point, Vancouver would be where you find us.

We miss you Vancouver..






16 thoughts on “Reminiscing & Memories – Vancouver

  1. My home town until we moved to Vancouver Island 20 yrs ago. It’s changed so much in that time, we enjoy the less hectic life now on the Island.

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      1. We live in Campbell River, on the east side of Van. Island, almost directly across from Tofino, it’s quite a drive but worth it.


  2. I recently moved to Toronto from Vancouver! All the pictures- the kits beach, downtown, Whistler.. Oh I do miss it terribly! I used to live by the English bay, on Davie! So you can imagine the amazing panorama I woke up to everyday!

    Many thanks for a good memory lane walk!

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