The Sunday Question

If you had the opportunity to visit any country what would it be and why?

Of course that is probably the worst question to ask an experienced traveller, however currently we would have to say Brazil.

Brazil covers a multitude of desires, if not every aspect that we look for in A Wandering Memory.

Brazil is untrodden territory for us and would consist of only our second experience of South America. However we believe it would house the most dramatic of memories.

30706202206_d39f035f07_bphoto credit: Tambako the Jaguar Pantanal Sunset II via photopin (license)

Probably the most inviting of them is the vast Amazon rainforest, one of the last great natural wildernesses this world has to offer. It must be truly inspiring to step into the unknown, with eclectic and sometimes dangerous demena. Having already experienced the rainforest in a number of other countries, there is something very beautiful contained in that wilderness. Something very special, that you can’t find in any other landscape.

The Amazon Rainforest must hold a treasure trove of secrets, the legend of the Amazonian warriors, the Incas, the lost tribes of South America, hundreds of indigenous and even lost civilisations.

7429245768_16ae68d040_bphoto credit: Dallas Krentzel Amazon via photopin (license)

The Amazon isn’t the only landscape in Brazil, with Iguassu falls, Sugarloaf mountain and Fernando de Noronha marine park being a few of the must sees.

It is also home to species not sound anywhere in the world, and anyone who knows A Wandering Memory knows we love animals. The iconic Jaguar and Anaconda are rare but have been witnessed throughout the jungle. As well as the colourful birdlife that must be incredible to see.

Brazil’s jewel in the crown is the iconic city of Rio De Janeiro. The city has worldwide stature due to its famous white sand beaches including Copacabana, world class hotels & restaurants and the stunning Christ the Redeemer set on high above the city. We would also be interested to see the city’s favela’s and the real Brazilian way of life.

photo credit: hiphopmilk Copacabana via photopin (license)

Brazil is also famous for its cuisine, colour and party atmosphere. The most incredible time of year to visit is suppose to be Carnival – which electrifies the city with floats, colour and a party atmosphere like no other.

What would be your answer? Where would you choose?

8 thoughts on “The Sunday Question

  1. I would like to finally do my dream trip of Tunisia and Sicily. Tunisia has many Roman ruins and Sicily has been influenced by Arabs / Moors, so the two would be interesting to visit in a single trip. They are also a relative short distance from each other — ferries run between Tunis and Sicily. I had planned this travel for 2011, but then, the “Arab Spring” came…. And now the migrant situation makes things a little dicey, although Tunisia is the most stable of the Maghreb countries and the “Arab spring” countries.

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    1. Ah as you know we used to live in Vancouver and we have travelled extensively there. It is amazing! Interestingly if we were to leave the uk at any point Canada would befits on our list. Argentina would also be on the list as I long for the Patagonian wilderness

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  2. My hubby once said he wanted to take me to France. I told him he’s nuts!! I could think of a million places I’d rather go, Italy, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, the list goes on and on!!! There is one place in France I wouldn’t mind going. It’s a mountain named Mont St. Michel, for obvious reasons!!

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    1. Hi Michelle. Ah yes mont st michel is beautiful. Actually there is a lot of France that is stunning. Paris for one but we recently went to the Dijon and the surrounding region it was wonderful. Spain Italy aus and New Zealand is a hell of a bucketlist. You’ll get there someday…

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