Perspective – the Bigger Picture.

We wrote a blog piece last week regarding perspective, that we have had to again take into account today when we received some unexpected, disappointing news. Perspective is a wonderful thing if you can apply it correctly and in a positive manner.

Looking at the bigger picture is sometimes challenging. Historically I have been known to over analyse, search for a reason, re-analyse and then find blame with myself. I learnt long ago that this is not a positive way of self! There is nothing positive that comes from this way of reacting or thought.

Now I take time to breathe and when look at the bigger picture I soon realise everything we currently have, everything we have already experienced and everything we have to come. We have been so lucky and privileged to lead the lives we lead, to experience what we already have is beyond a dream.

We have each other, we have dedicated family and a huge base of caring friends. There are so many people in the world who would dream of having what we have. A little setback and disappointing news, needs to be looked at as such, it’s not life or death, it’s not the end of the world and nobody is to blame.

DSCF3290 (2)

We may not be perfect but we are only human and still learning every day. I feel better already – I hope you do too.


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