Architects of Beauty

There is nothing like experiencing the natural world first hand. Marveling at landscapes, the beauty and the splendor is one thing but getting a close up with it is something else.

One aspect that has always captured our imagination is the ancient ice fields otherwise known as glaciers. The sheer size and age of many of these giants is beyond comprehension. They shape the valleys, gorges and passes – essentially they are the architects of beauty.


Glaciers look incredible on our TV’s, from the air, however experiencing them close up and in the flesh is an experience like no other. Humbled by their imposing size, getting up, close and personal with these make you feel insignificant, weak and very much out of your element. The eclectic colouring, the extreme temperatures and of course their ever changing formations are just a snippet of what these giants have to offer. They are glorious in their beauty and power.

Although a vast majority of these marvelous formations are now extinct, there are locations in colder climates where they still thrive. It is these places where you can witness and experience something prehistoric, raw, natural and magnificent.

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The world is an exciting place, full of mystery, beauty and adventure – Get out and experience it for yourself.


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