Oz Experience Bus – Revealed

We have been fielding questions recently about the Oz Experience bus tours that operate in Australia. As detailed in our recent tour company blog post, I used this service twice when I was a little younger, one to travel from Sydney to Cairns and the other from Sydney to Darwin via Melbourne. All tour companies have their positives and negatives, and this company has had a lot of press for being a party bus or aka ‘f**k bus’ (not my words).


I find this a little unfair, as the service provided is very efficient and flexible. In all respect it’s up to the individual what they want to do while on this tour. It is easy enough to leave a certain bus if the people aren’t to your taste. Also it does provide an all encompassing service that books accommodation, and offers additional activities. The drivers are usually a great asset to the company as well, as they are informative, dedicated and mostly very entertaining. The route from Sydney to Cairns is a very well-traveled route and there are many options. Personally I traveled with this bus because it was easy and I am still now in contact with some of the people I met – I had a great time.

Alternative options are Greyhound bus (cheap) or camper; it’s all a point of preference. Note that the distance between Cairns and Sydney is close to that of London – Warsaw.

On another note my trip to Darwin from Sydney via Melbourne was nothing like the Sydney to Cairns route. This trip was exquisite and I couldn’t recommend it any higher, we stayed in some very remote locations and saw some of the lesser traveled Australia – a real adventure!

Anyhow the choice is all yours? – If you would like any help with your trip to Australia – feel free to get in touch.

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