A Wandering Memory 2016 Blogs

Overall A Wandering Memory wrote and posted 110 blogs last year.

Wow… when we look at it like that is a lot of words… Here’s a quick recap into a few of the most popular:

Tour Companies Revealed – We realised that a vast amount of our best Wandering Memories have been aided by a number of different tour companies. Yes, as a traveler we all need a little help now and again, and that’s what these type of companies are there for. We don’t advocate using them on an everyday basis, but for the less experienced, or even hassle free traveler they offer an easy  gateway into the world of travel. We have found that using them in countries where we don’t speak the language or need to move over huge distances very valuable. Of course as experienced as we are, we also do travel freestyle as well, which we are big fans of but see value in every option!

Brexit and Travel – Well the world definitely went a bit crazy last year, and we thought the craziest thing had to be Britain sticking two fingers up to their closest allies in Europe! That’s as until America trumped us all! This piece was really just an amalgamation of thoughts and perspectives on what the implications could be if we did leave the EU market. Unbelievably it was full of conjecture and unknowns, and nearly 6 months after its unexpected result, Britain is still fighting about it now and knows no more! What can we say? All the aspects included in this piece are still outstanding and honestly if it keeps going the way it is Megan, Rhys and I may move to Canada…


Bol, Croatia – One of our trips this year was to the beautiful island of Brac in Croatia’s Adriatic coastline. We weren’t expecting much, as the holiday cost the two of us under £200 each for a week including flights and accommodation. What we got was an incredible surprise beyond any of our expectations – it was Phenomenal. One of the many highlights was the beautiful town of Bol on the coast and its iconic peninsula beach of Zltan Rat. Very few words would adequately describe how incredible this place was – however idyllic comes to mind.

Capturing the Abstract – One of my fellow bloggers Thirdeyemom introduced me to the daily-post weekly photo competition. This opened up a new avenue for us to share a few words and a photo with a new audience. This post was regarding the word abstract and our take on that word… its such a great idea as it really challenges the  mind to come up with something worth sharing – plus its a great way to meet new bloggers in the community.


The Unknown Island – Huahine – It seems to be true that the more obscure the location the more views we seem to get. Well there is none as obscure as the beautiful lesser known island of Huahine in the French Polynesian island chain. Overlooked due to its proximity to islands like Thaiti, Moorea and Bora Bora, Huahine offered us a real Robinson Crusoe experience like no other.

Thank you so much for visiting, commenting and sharing your time with A Wandering Memory – We will continue to write and share our experiences in the hope of inspiring travelers across the world.

Happy New Year and Happy Trails…

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