A Wanderer’s update

So much has happened since we started A Wandering Memory two years ago.

As such we thought it was time to provide a little update to our faithful readership, and a little introduction to our new subscribers.


A Wandering Memory is run by myself David & my beautiful wife Megan. We are British born and currently still reside in our home country of England. In my 35 years, I have been very lucky to visit and experience over 60 countries, with my wife at 31 reaching the middle 40’s. Between us we have also lived in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Germany.


What do we do?

Travel has changed our lives, it provides us with inspiration, passion and opened our eyes to a huge realm of possibilities we never knew existed. It harnesses our desire to explore, learn and challenge ourselves.

We now consider ourselves experienced travelers and as such we believe wholeheartedly in the traveler ethic… to share and help others. A Wandering Memories aspiration is to inspire follow travelers and those who want to travel. If we can help just one person achieve their dream, or contribute to another person finding themselves as we did, it will be all worthwhile.



Over the last two years we have visited over 20 new countries and revisited a number of our personal favourites. However last year was a very interesting year for us with a lot of change. I changed jobs after five years at my previous, we made some serious renovations to our UK home, and the biggest change of all – we started a family.

As such our travels plans were slightly less extravagant as usual, however that didn’t mean that we stopped… No, we just readjusted our focus to closer to home locations such as Malta, Greece, Croatia, France, Belgium The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein. We successfully planned and visited them all.

What we found is that we didn’t have to look far afield to have some sensational adventures and add to the ever-growing list of Wandering Memories. Together we just changed our perspective, and looked at new options. Two of our trips were in the form of self drive adventures, something we had done many times abroad but never in Europe. One we even booked a holiday caravan instead of a hotel. All however proved to be invaluable insights into what we will probably experience a lot of in the coming years.

Whats next?

Well that’s the question isn’t it? and I have no definitive answer for it.

What I do know is that hopefully we will pass our passion for travelling down to our son and let him walk his own path of adventure and discovery. We will have many new adventures as a family, the first in a couple of months where we head to the South Coast as a family for the week. Once he is a little older we will continue our exploits of exploration far and wide as in all honesty our Wanderlust will never fade.

In the meantime we will continue to write, reflect and hopefully inspire others to seek out similar adventures of their own.


We hope you continue to enjoy our adventures at A Wandering Memory for years to come.

15 thoughts on “A Wanderer’s update

  1. Thanks for the update as a new subscriber sometimes one gets caught up in the stories and I certainly forget to read the backstories. I agree, as a travel blogger the aim is certainly to inspire others to stop making excuses and just do it.The hardest part for anyone is the ‘first five kilometres’…damn there’s a topic for another post!


  2. Wonderful post David! I can’t believe it has already been two years since you began the blog! Time flies! What a wonderful year you had with all the travels and best of all your new son! I’m sure you can hardly wait to show him the world!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Another new and exciting stage of your life awaits you David with your beautiful family. Enjoy the trip to the coast and look forward to reading more of your wonderful adventures.

    Liked by 1 person

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