Which route – Choices, Choices

Having been on two around the world trips I often reminisce on our amazing experiences. However now that we have experienced even more of the world, we often debate if ask we could we have done better routes? Included more? seen different things?

Route One

  • London – Shanghai, China Exploration
  • HK – Hanoi, Vietnam Exploration
  • Ho Chi Minh City – Bangkok (A few nights in Bangkok)
  • Bangkok – Singapore (A few nights in Singapore)
  • Singapore – Sydney (A year in Australia)
  • Sydney – Auckland (A few months touring New Zealand)
  • Auckland to Nadi (A few weeks touring the Fijian islands)
  • Nadi – Los Angeles (Drive to Vancouver)
  • Vancouver – Toronto
  • Toronto – New York City (Greyhound Bus)
  • New York – Dublin
  • Dublin – London

Route Two

  • London – Cape Town (Southern African Tour including Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, & Zimbabwe)
  • Johannesburg – London
  • London – New York
  • New York to Canada (A year living in Canada and touring the country)
  • Vancouver – LA (car journey adventure in Mid West)
  • LA – Cancun (Central American discovery tour Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama)
  • Panama City – Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles – Tahiti (Exploration of the French Polynesian Islands)
  • Tahiti – Auckland (3 weeks in New Zealand)
  • Auckland – Sydney
  • Sydney – Hobart (Exploration of Tasmania)
  • Hobart – Cairns (10 days exploring the north-east of Australia inc Cape Tribulation & Port Douglas)
  • Cairns to Tokyo (3 weeks exploring Japan by Rail)
  • Tokyo – London

Just listing them really reminds us how many incredible experiences we had. Seeing the world like this is by far the best option when travelling. However some of the schedules were quite rigid due to flight parameters and took a lot of pre-planning. What we discovered on our second trip was that actually being a bit more flexible far increases the experience.

Dream List

  • London – Nairobi (Kenya and travel overland to South Africa through Tasmania, Uganda, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa)
  • Cape Town – Antananarivo (Madagascar to see the Lemurs)
  • Antananarivo – Reunion
  • Reunion – Maldives
  • Maldives – Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka – Kathmandu (overland through Nepal, Bhutan, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia)
  • Bali – Perth (West Coast trip to Broome)
  • Broome – Sydney
  • Sydney – Port Villa (Exploration of Vanuatu)
  • Port Villa – Nadi (exploration of Fiji)
  • Nadi – Avarua (Exploration of Cook Islands)
  • Avarua – Papeete (Exploration of French Polynesia)
  • Papeete – Easter Island
  • Easter Island to Santiago (overland through Chile, Argentina and Brazil)
  • (excursion to Antarctica)
  • Rio de Janario – London

The list revolves around Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands and South America, mainly as we know that they bring about the best of our Wandering Memories and also harness our desires to explore. As you can see from our dream list there is a collection of new locations but also some revisits also. It is true that some places are just too special to be visited just once and we would not hesitate to experience them again.

We are pretty sure that no round the round the world flight package would include all of these options but the trip itself is very feasible (due to proximity of the countries and routes).

On any realistic round the world tour we would recommend you include

  • At least one pacific island (not Hawaii) 
  • Lesser traveled Asia (such as Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar or Indonesia)
  • A big draw – China for the Great wall or an African safari or even a trip to Antarctica
  • Include an experience you would not usually think of – Skiing, Bungee jumping, parachuting, trekking, diving or camping as suggestions

Don’t follow the crowd and just do Thailand, Australia and the USA, unleash your inner adventurer – Chose somewhere you will remember forever – after all that’s what it is all about…



35 thoughts on “Which route – Choices, Choices

  1. I can only dream of how incredible a round the world trip would be. One day sometime soon I’ll do my own. If you don’t mind me asking, how have you been able to accomplish these trips? Does your career take you to these places? And if so do you need an assistant? Hahaha.

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    1. Hi Eric. Ha I wish it did… my travels have come through a number of different scenarios, and I works and saved a lot for them all. I am a firm believer in doing everything you can to establish the best memories as thats what life is generally all about. Trip One I lived and worked in Australia for the year and that funded my trip. Trip 2 was mainly paid for by redundancy money followed by funds we made while living in Vancouver. Now I just save for every trip we make – I don’t waste my money on frivolous things – like constant drinking and expensive luxuries… it all goes on our experiences… One day when I have a full business Miriam will be first in line, but you can definitely be in second my friend…

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  2. Great list of travels! Route 2 looked great with the addition of Central America. We lived in Nicaragua for 6 months and had a fantastic time exploring the country and those surrounding it.

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      1. We loved Ometepe. We were there for 6 months teaching English to children, and spending our off days on the beach and exploring the country. Can’t wait to get back.

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  4. I like it.. I’m currently on my 3rd round the world trip so I can completely relate to questioning your previous trips and how you could have gone differently about them.. But more often than none, my conclusion remains the same and I wouldn’t change a thing. I notice that your travels have never included parts of the middle east. I highly recommend visiting one day. The place is filled with history and culture that will leave you speechless. Happy travels!!!

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    1. Hi Katie. Wow lucky you where are you currently? Thank you for the comment: I have been to the Middle East and visited Israel, Jordan and the UAE and do love the culture out there. I have also done Egypt before which although Africa holds a treasure trove of experiences…

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      1. Thank you, I do enjoy it, actually scratch that, I love it, passionately!! I pour my heart and soul into ensuring I can travel everywhere. It’s great that you have been to the M.E. I am currently here, in Jordan. At least for the next 24 hours before I head to Qatar and Iran. Israel I haven’t done, i’ll have too look through your site for an entry. It must have been spectacular. I’m happy i’ve found your blog. 🙂 Katie

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      2. That is great news. There is nothing like finding your passion in life and doing it. Jordan was gorgeous… wow on Iran I think when my son gets a little older we may investigate it! My time in the Middle East doesn’t have many images so there is not too many blogs but Israel was a game changer as opened my eyes in such religious dogma and a few aspects of mythology. UAE I didn’t like as much but that’s commercialism for you! I am happy to have you on board and will check out your blog as soon as I am able. Where are you heading after and how many countries are you on?

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      3. ya, I think UAE will be very similar to Qatar! Apart from the countries I’ve mentioned I have nothing booked.. I decide as I go, usually a day or two in advance. I’ve been gone since Sept 2016 and will keep going until at least October 2017. SE Asia perhaps and bits of China. I may pick your brain from time to time with my future spots!! 🙂

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      4. Of course you are more than welcome I am on 66 countries so far so not doing too badly. Love the idea of just deciding to go… I am much more planned although I know there are benefits both ways. My 3 years around the world the first year was too planned and the second/third was just right for me. Where are you from originally?

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      5. Oh wow, 66 countries, that’s awesome indeed, I can just imagine the amount of knowledge you have!! I’ve never kept count but I would assume i’m around 50ish.. I keep a list on my blog but i’ve never numbered them.. something all of a sudden I have an urge to count.. LOL
        You’ll hate this response i’m sure, but I consider myself a citizen of planet Earth, although Australia, Cayman Islands and Eastern Canada are all “base” places for me when I work and act like a responsible adult. LOL


      6. Yes, I’ll be in Asia within the next month or so I believe. I’ll send you a message when I”m closer and planning that part of my travels!! CHEERS!! i appreciate that!


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