Essential Australia – Byron Bay

Continuing on the Essential Australia series we head back to the east coast and the province of New South Wales. To the north, approximately nine hours from Sydney lies one of Australia’s best known coastal towns, Byron Bay.

29288226640_ede36fb6d0_bphoto credit: David McKelvey Cape Byron Lighthouse, Byron Bay, New South Wales via photopin (license)

Although it is very well-known, and a popular holiday destination for both backpackers and Australians themselves, the town of Byron Bay doesn’t disappoint. Through all of its fame and fortune the town still holds a sense of self, an identity that distinguishes it from other tourist hotspots.

It is that sense of self identity that we believe attracts all kinds of travelers. The bay just inspires you to step back, relax, and appreciate the glory of the Australian coast. The beach is glorious with golden grainy sand, world class surf and warm inviting waters. Serenity at its purist is in no short supply in Byron Bay.

3024060797_35a0bc4d4e_ophoto credit: Baloozer Byron Bay_0111 via photopin (license)

At night the friendly local restaurants and bars spring to life and the iconic Cheeky Monkeys opens its doors. Although not everyone’s cup of tea, Cheeky Monkeys is a backpacker bar, offering cheap drinks and food to the hordes. It often ends up with dancing on tables, sing alongs, quizzes and a lot of regrets. The party usually spills out onto the beach, where you can watch the sunrise next to a beach bonfire. If that is not your thing, the high highbrow restaurants, alternative bars and sincredible hotels offer a more luxurious option.

Byron is simply a gem, a true Memory maker!


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