A Wandering Memory – Update

Hi all.

Just wanted to send an update out as A Wandering Memory has been pretty quiet recently. The main reason would be our gorgeous little son Rhys who was born before Christmas and has started to take up a lot of our time. In all honesty I wouldn’t have it any other way – he is a real gem and we already have our first holiday booked.

Although it’s only a small holiday to the south coast of the UK, we are very excited to see how we all get on. Set near to the town of Bournemouth, we are not travelling alone, but with my sister’s family and mum and dad. The first real family holiday for over 10 years… Wish us luck!


As usual we like to do things all at once in our family and I have also changed jobs. Yes it is all making sense now – right? Very little time with a three-month year old and a new job… who knows what will be next? Ha nothing I promise you – Change is a good thing but so is stability and routine.

2017 is the year of change for us, but believe us we promise to continue to write and share more frequently in the next few months… So stay tuned




17 thoughts on “A Wandering Memory – Update

  1. Hey David, I figured Rhys was the reason you were quiet, bubs have a tendency to take over our lives, which is just the way it should be I guess! 🙂
    Enjoy your holiday, should be fun. And congrats on the new job. What will you be doing?

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    1. Ah good evening my friend, yes he is an absolute gem and just a joy to. E around. Unfortunately he has picked up his first cold so we are going through that at present. Yep holiday is on may so that will be lovely esp with the whole family. I have started as a business analyst- a bit different to what I’ve been doing before but could be the grown up job I need! Ha… how are you all? Sorry I’ve been so quiet…

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      1. No need to apologise. I do understand. First cold, poor little thing, can’t be much fun. Give him a hug for me.
        All the best with your new business venture. I start a new job too next week. It’s admin/marketing/writing for an organisation calked Bushwalking Victoria so right up my alley. And part time so I’m chuffed. It’s a big deal for me as, aside from my freelancing, I haven’t worked for three years! Feeling nervous but also excited.

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      2. Oh that’s amazing I hope day four went well. Weird I am day 9 of my new job and it’s also going ok at present. I am getting much more involved and getting a better understanding of the company the team and the role

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  2. We took our first born on holiday when he was 3 or 4 months old. He suddenly started sleeping through the night – it was heaven. At first we thought something was wrong with him but it was just the Devon air knocking him out! Hope Dorset air has the same properties.

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    1. Ah ours is not too bad he had dropped a feed so now only at 10 and 3 which is very manageable… not sure about taking him that far as of yet. But sorest will be the first long trip. So here’s hoping thank you for the comment. How old is your little one now?


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