New Wanderlust Experience

One of our wanderlust wishlist experiences is to witness volcanic lava in its purest form.

This is an experience we have traveled long and far to witness.

We have traveled to some of the most volcanic areas of the earth, including Hawaii, Iceland and most of Central America and have always left dissapointed. Hawaii’s big island had been witnessing a continuous eruption for months, we arrived exactly when it finished. Central America is littered with wild volcanos… but not a glimmer… Typical!


We recently visited the Volcanic island of Santorini in the Greek Isles. There was very little chance that this volcano was to meet our desires however I was lucky enough to experience something a little different.


Walking volcanic tubes is quite a thrill and very easy to do in places like Hawaii, however diving them is a completely different ballgame. We had never even thought about it, why would you? Well given the chance in Santorini, it was a dive well worth the effort. The tubes were incredible and being out of your natural element underwater simply added a sense of marvel I had not previously witnessed.

What a breathtaking experience, we never knew even existed… highly recommended.

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21 thoughts on “New Wanderlust Experience

      1. No, I never have before but it’s always been on my list of things I would love to start doing. There’s so much of the world only accessible underwater, and why limit ourselves to land?


      1. No, I’ve snorkeled a few times. I’ve never been brave enough to dive. There was a young couple on House Hunters yesterday who moved from Sacramento to Roatan Honduras simply for the diving. It is a beautiful experience, I’m sure.

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      2. Luckily we had no incidents at all! People were all very friendly and countries were incredible. We did have a friend who was a lady traveller who was stopped at the airport and all of her souvenirs were stolen! But nothing else. Places like Tegucigalpa, Managua and Guatemala City we made sure we were on high alert, but Antigua, roatan, monteverde and others felt very welcoming. I’d highly recommend Guatemala it was stunning

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      3. Sounds wonderful. I just got back from Australia. I had to unpack all my souvenirs and repack them in a backpack and leave the suitcase at the airport. It was just a smidge too large. So, one less bag to store in the garage when I’m not traveling. Luckily I took one that was old and almost worn out. Size matters in Australia. It passed with the same airline in the USA.


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