What’s next for A Wandering Memory?

Anyone who has followed A Wandering Memory for a while will know that last year we discovered the wonder that is Croatia. It really did inspire us so much we are planning returning as soon as we are able. Luckily Croatia is only a couple of hours flight away from us, very driveable (although a long drive) and maybe the second european outing for our son.

The plan in my head at the moment is to stay in Dubrovnik, as we only had a few hours here last year and would love to explore more. There’s so much to see and do and I really fell in love with it over just a few hours.



The additional selling points is an exploration into the lesser travelled Montenegro and even northern Albania. These both press on our desire to explore but also the difference in cultures would be a real treat.

The other element that attracts me is the island of Mijet which has a sensational National Park described as an oasis of inspiration and tranquility. How can you not be drawn in by that? It’s just a draw that I can’t stop thinking about, and as soon as Rhys is old enough we will be there.

8 thoughts on “What’s next for A Wandering Memory?

  1. Hi Dave we stayed just outside Dubrovnik..and really loved it …the buses are very easy to hop on and cheap ….the night life very laid back ..turn nearly every corner and live music is being played outside…wonderful place…can’t wait to go back ..enjoy!

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  2. Spent over a week in Dubrovnik last year … Loved it ! Also took day trips to Kotor, and Mostar, and spent 3 days in Hvar … Incredible culture and history, wonderful people …. I highly recommend it !!!

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    1. Hi Neil. Yes we went to Brac, Mostar and split incredible isn’t it? Hvar was on the list but we never made it. We also did the waterfall national park just north of split which was also terrific


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