A New Trial – Photography

A Wandering Memory is essentially  classified as a Travel Blog, however blogging and travel are not the only passions we have. One which we are sure you would guess is photography, as our recently camera equipment blog suggested.

Our memories are a priceless commodity, they are central to our very being, defining the experiences we have and the lives we lead. Being able to capturing memories in the moment allows us to revisit that memory in all of its splendour every time. Photography can not only capture the memory and the beauty, but also the emotion of the scene or moment.  Being that with age our memory fades, photography can reignite faded memories and emotions – It is truly a blessing.

We can also view other people’s photography and be moved by the capture, as we are continuously with fellow bloggers such as Mike BizeauRay Laskowitznomadruss, and Patrick Jennings

I have long been an aspiring photographer, and after roaring success in Africa with my 500mm telephoto  lens, I recently started to dabble into the art of macro photography.  Before I start this, please excuse the crude explanations, as I am no expert, just a curious blogger who has a desire to better a skill.

To the best of my knowledge, macro photography is the art of ‘detailed’ images. Getting up-close and personal with the subject matter using specialised equipment (esp. lens) that is able to bring out every detail.

As spring has recently sprung here in southern England I really wanted to experiment a bit with some local insects and our garden flowers and seeds.

The results were a true Surprise, and I am really  Pleased with them – below are a few of my first attempts – please let me know your thoughts and any advice is greatly appreciated.







Photos are subject to A Wandering Memory Copyright Protection.

28 thoughts on “A New Trial – Photography

    1. Thank you so much that is hugely appreciated. Yes I may print a few of them so wasn’t going to share on Instagram. I am so happy you liked them, thought for first try they came out quite well but wanted to share for some feedback. I’ll continue and hopefully get a robin or kite some day…

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      1. You are quite talented David. Not learning how to properly use my camera when I had the time is a regret I have. I don’t know how to use it off the auto setting at all so honestly use my phone mostly. It is a goal to learn to use my camera properly but with what little free time I have, it is one on the back burner. I’m glad I have the new iPhone as it take pretty amazing pics for a phone!


  1. That first butterfly with its curled up proboscis (I was tempted to write “trunk” but I looked up the proper term) is quite stunning. Love the other photos as well. Leaves in close-up are surprisingly downy.

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  2. Fabulous pics!!
    You can’t go wrong with photography in Africa can you? I think between the 4 of us in the family we took 5,000 shots in 3 weeks! Thank goodness for digital photography and delete 😃
    As a result we captured some awesome shots 😃Likewise in Norway with the Northern Lights
    Precious memories captured forever 😃🐻


    1. Thank you so much that is lovely feedback. Have you seen some of our African posts? We have travelled extensively through Southern Africa it’s incredible. We saw the northern lights in Iceland and they were also incredible, although capturing them was a real challenge

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      1. I will check out your Africa posts.. and we were lucky enough to capture some brilliant shots of the aurora 😃🐻

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      2. Ah I have one with my wife and I in front of them, and a few others of a shimmer that came in just above us. They are under the Iceland section. Ill check out your blog also shortly. Hope you’ll enjoy a Wandering Memory and become a follower! Hint hint! Ha..:

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