Everything happens for a reason!

I HATE the expression ‘everything happens for a reason’. There are so many horrors in this world that directly conflict with this statement.

However looking back at my life, I can definitely see some correlation with the phrase.

  • If I had stood up to the bully’s at school earlier, I wouldn’t have had such a difficult time.
  •  If I had applied myself better at school, I may have had a career earlier on in life.
  •  If I hadn’t chosen a crap course at University, I would never travelled to Utah and breathed life into my wanderlust.
  • If I had never gone travelling, I would not be as confident as I am now.
  • If I hadn’t come home from traveling for my sister’s wedding, I would never have met my wife Megan.

All of my decisions have led me to this point in my life where I am extremely lucky to be a father to a beautiful boy, husband to a gorgeous wife and friend to many incredible people.

So really it’s not that ‘everything happens for a reason’, it’s more like ‘everything happens due to the decisions you make’ and even if those choices don’t work out there is an infinite amount more, that you have to make – so continue to try and make the correct ones.

My advice – choose travel!


25 thoughts on “Everything happens for a reason!

    1. Hi Nicole. Thank you, it ring a real chord with me when I wrote it! I am not sure where I was going with it but it ended up flowing nicely. Feel free to link to it or reblog if wanted. Hope you had a nice Easter


  1. Wise advice and great post Mike. I’ll always choose travel, if I can. I love what you wrote … it’s not that ‘everything happens for a reason’, it’s more like ‘everything happens due to the decisions you make’. That’s so true.

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      1. Of course and, whoops, I’m sorry for the name mix up! Not sure why but anyway … maybe it’s the tooth/mouth infection zapping my memory banks! 😏

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  2. Incredible, I love this post! You’ve hit the nail on the head with this one. It is such a fascinating thought just like the example you gave about coming home for your sister’s wedding and meeting your wife.. it is incredible to think that would not have happened given you went with the opposite 50 in the 50/50 choice of heading home for the wedding. Loved your description 🙂

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      1. Well it’s probably one of the most captivating responses I have had to a blog for a long while. So thank you. It makes everything we do worthwhile, I’ll check out your blog now. Thank you once again

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      2. My absolute pleasure. I have read two of your posts already. Wonderfully written and it seems we are kindred spirit with our wanderlust and travelling! I am doing a series of spotlight blogs on a Wandering Memory and would love to include your blog if you’d like? As my newest follow?

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      3. Thank you we really appreciate your comment. Yes you’re right we do seem to be on the same wavelength here! That sounds great.. and yes of course, do everything you’ve got to (I love the sound of this). What will I need to do for you?

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      4. Hi. I’ll write the piece over the next few days just saying about this convo and how I found your site and connected instantly. I’ll then direct my audience to your blog. All I need from you is a little i introduction copy for your blog? If you’d like to email me it on travel@awanderingmemory.com. Excited to follow your journey now also

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      5. Thank you I really am grateful for the opportunity. And for yourself, I’m happy to have interacted so positively with you! I’ll get working on this just now and send it over to you 🙂 It’s great to have you onboard with Wanderfully Living now!

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      6. Yes it’s really captivating when something like this happens and I really appreciate the comment because I found your blog through it. I’ll await the copy and let you know when it’s ready to go… I am Dave by the way and my wife is megan we run a Wandering Memory together

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      7. I love the idea of meeting and making positive interactions with like-minded people through my blog. It just backs up the reason why we started it. Great, and as for ourselves I’m Sean, and my partner Rhianne is the other half of Wanderfully Living


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