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A Wandering Memory recently hit a huge milestone, reaching 1,000 ‘WordPress only’ subscribers. That’s not to negate the 4K we have in total, which includes a number of social media and email subscribers. However we were really excited and proud to reach our 1,000 WordPress milestone.


We are so lucky to be surrounded by a friendly, dedicated audience that appreciate our love to share thoughts and memories – A big thank you to all.

We are, as you know avid believers in the travel ethic of sharing, and upon reaching this milestone, we have been inspired to start a weekly/fortnightly series of posts. These will be dedicated to sharing with you, a number of AWM subscribers blogs. We will refer to this as our ‘spotlight’ series, and we hope that you enjoy it and find further inspiration.

To start this new series, we wanted to share with you our 1,000 follower Ana – who runs an amazing Cook the Beans blog. She shares our passion for Travel but incorporates a diverse range of vegan stories and recipes into her writing.

Here’s a little introduction from Ana below…


Hi, my name is Ana, I’m passionate about travel and vegan food; I share my adventures across continents and my food experiments on my blog –

The other day I was looking into new blogs for inspiration when a blog just kept my attention among the others – A Wandering Memory.

I read a post about the Fiji, a country that is in my top 3 list for a long time (too long to be fair) and from there I kept reading other posts, and I can’t wait to read more!

A Wandering Memory is very well written blog and captivates with its diversity.

It’s been a pleasure to meet Ana and follow her journey. We are inspired by the diversity and passion Ana displays in her posts, and implore you to visit and check it out for yourself.

As part of the Spotlight series, we will be sharing a number of blogs that inspire us over the next few months. We hope you enjoy them and take some inspiration yourselves.

If you are interested in being featured on A Wandering Memory get in touch below.

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