Some see Danger – We see Nature

The stigma around sharks is confounding.

The mere mention of sharks, is enough to clear a beach, or create a sense of Danger! and fear in many of us.

Why though? Due to Hollywood’s portrayal? Due to the media’s immediate reporting of any and every shark related incident.

Interestingly more people are killed by toasters than sharks… FACT!

Sharks are graceful, inquisitive, majestic creatures. The majority keep to themselves unless sort after, provoked or mistaken. They are the natural predators of the deep, and we have to respect their natural instincts and home.

Exploring the deep, a wandering memory has been able to spend some time with a host of shark species and can attest to them being incredible creatures.

Where some see Danger! – we see true nature.

Want to read more on our Great White Shark Diving or Diving click the links today and follow the journey.





50 thoughts on “Some see Danger – We see Nature

    1. Thank you for the comment. I agree there has been times in open water where the music sometimes comes into my head. But we have to promote the facts… the majority are more scared of us than we are of them…

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  1. ARRRRR, Hollywood hasn’t helped but they take care of a lot of their own publicity themselves. And re the Toaster, well yes. But you can see a toaster in the cupboard or the bench, You don’t know where the sharks are hanging out to avoid them.Louise

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    1. Hi Louise. Not a fan of sharks then? The majority of aggressive sharks have specific areas they reside in like tiger and great whites! But most other sharks are completely harmless esp nurse sharks. I think the toaster is mainly electrical!

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  2. This is brilliant. I remember the other week in work I was looking up the stats of shark attacks and fatalities in Australia. The number of deaths was remarkably low I couldn’t actually believe it. As far as general assumption goes, through the media’s portrayal.. I expected 100s! Nice post, very thought provoking.

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    1. Much appreciated. It is a scary thing when you hear about attacks but they are really few and far between. It’s horrible that it happens and is usually a case of mistake by the shark but seeing them in their own environment is stunning! Bye the blog is complete and will be going live next week.

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      1. I would love to see them in their own habitat. We plan on doing some scuba diving in Bali and Australia so hopefully there’s some opportunities to get close. Oh fantastic I look forward to seeing it. Give me a wee message or email once it’s live Dave 🙂

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      2. No worries. If you decide to scuba try the gilli islands just off Lombok which is next to Bali it’s incredible! Word of caution don’t expect much from the Great Barrier Reef it’s pretty dull in touristy areas, my recommendation would be Western Australia on the ningaloo Reef up in exmouth sone of the best diving in the world there!

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      3. Oh we’ve got plenty time set aside for the Gilis so will make sure to try scuba diving there! I’ve heard many poor things about the Great Barrier Reef, which is a shame, but we’ll keep it for places that have been kept well. Thanks for the recommendations


    1. Oooh wow that’s never good. Was he surfing/body boarding? As the majority of attacks happen by mistake as sharks think we are seals on boards. It’s horrendous when it happens but we are in their territory. Again you are right each to their own.


      1. That is sad news, I am not naive to the attacks, as know they do exist. I heard and don’t quote me that the tiger shark, bull shark and great whites are the only ones that have attacked people and it’s usually regrading a mistake or territory… but still horrible if it happens to you or someone you know. I hope he is ok. Know sa has a population of great whites and nsw has tigers, was surprised on wa are they great whites also?


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