Out An’ About – Spotlight

Welcome to our Spotlight feature, where we concentrate on our fellow bloggers, that through A Wandering Memory have inspired us.

We started with our 1000th WordPress follower Ana and her blog dedicated to two passions – Travel and Vegan food.

Some of you will not be surprised to know that our second spotlight blog will revolve around our friend Miriam and her Out an’ About blog. Miriam has been a dedicated follower of A Wandering Memory for a number of years and we are privileged to call her a friend!

Miriam is a dedicated mother, wife, published author and above all, fellow wanderluster. Based just outside of Melbourne Australia, Miriam has travelled the world, yet continues to take inspiration from all aspects of her life.  She encompasses a true lust for life and appreciation for everything she has and does. We love this! As it’s not always about the expensive long haul holidays; adventure can be found anywhere in any moment.


She states ‘There’s so much inspiration waiting out there’ and we couldn’t agree more.

We have been following Miriam for a couple of years now, and are always inspired by her genuine writing style and captivating descriptive quality. But what inspired us the most was her interaction with the community, she has been a dedicated, loyal follower of A Wandering Memory since the very early days. A lot of our inspiration on specific topics comes from her and our ‘catch up’s’. Although we have never met in person, we would class her as a good friend. She has a general warmth and interest in others and is a glorious shining light in the wordpress community.


If you are looking for inspiration, check Out An’ About out today and meet one of the WordPress’s nicest community members.

17 thoughts on “Out An’ About – Spotlight

  1. Thank you David for your very generous words here, it’s so kind of you. With all of the inspiring WP bloggers around I’m truly honoured to be featured here. What a lovely way to end my otherwise ordinary week, to hit the spotlight on your beautiful blog. xo 🙂

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