Memories over Materialism

It has dawned on me recently that the longer I am home the more materialistic I have become. This realisation came when I was recently contemplating replacing my perfectly good IPhone for the latest iteration!smartphone_choices

I never knew how materialistic I was during my youth, but with hindsight I always wanted the latest gadget or toy.

When it came to packing for my first round the world trip; I am not exaggerating when I say my bag was packed to its full capacity. It soon became apparent that I didn’t need any of it – It’s truly surprising how little you actually need in life.

I remember running for a train in Vietnam with my full backpack on my back and nearly missing it because I just couldn’t run fast enough!

3075921900_c821477873_bImage Courtesy of Dawn E Foote

After a month had passed, many of my favourite clothes and excess baggage was either ruined, gifted to locals or just thrown away.

  • I started to embrace a non-materialistic lifestyle and I remember loving it!
  • I alternated my clothes around washes not appearance
  • I couldn’t buy much as I simply had no space for it
  • I only used a shared computer to blog
  • I only used a my ‘non’ smart phone for emergencies
  • I had no jewelry, no expensive sunglasses, no expensive headphones.

Looking back I had very few things of material value at all, I think an old CD player and a fake pair of Oakley’s were the most elaborate possessions.

I was disconnected from the world, yet I never felt more connected with myself and what was around me.

07_Picture 039

It gave me new perspective and gave me time to read, write and understand myself.

Even when living in Sydney, I had very little of a material value. I think buying a polo shirt, or stretching the budget for a Bondi burger, were the most elaborate purchases I made. I spent the majority of the money I made on actually living and soon learnt that the experience was worth so much more than any possession.

I remember in Fiji swearing that I wouldn’t return to my materialistic ways when I returned, and in all honesty I think I lasted a few months before unknowingly returning to my former ways. I do however question my commercial desires and think do I really need this?

As hard as it’s become in our glorious commercialized world, I implore you to spend what you make on your journey and experience.

Memories and stories last a lifetime.

16 thoughts on “Memories over Materialism

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I’ve always, well nearly always, travelled light although I still make mistakes sometimes when I’m not sure of an area. If I overpack I soon unload my stuff. I’ve always carried a cheapie ‘phone so no danger of anyone coveting it but I do like music on the go so my player is best I can afford but fairly easy to hide. Carry a tablet but not an IPad, from experience I’ve found most of the tablets give better results than the Apple which tends to want to takeover. As laundry facilities can never be guaranteed I find the main items to carry are underwear and tee shirts.
    Is that photo of you with backpack really for real? How on earth did you survive without breaking your back? Enjoy the rest of your travels.

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    1. Hi, long time no speak. I am glad the blog resonated with you and thank you for the response. It’s great to hear I am not the only one! Apple iPads always seem to be targeted too which is another reason not to take them! That backpack is not me it is an image from another blog… although I am sure mine was heavier in the interim!


  2. Yes I absolutely share your views here David. And the more often I go camping and travel the more I realise how very little we actually need to survive on. And thrive on. Great post.

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      1. Oh your comment just made me smile, the joys of babies finding their voices, love it!
        Yes I lost my job. Guess it wasn’t meant to be, I never got good vibes from the manager, from day one. I blogged about it and got it out of my system. Their loss. I’m moving on now. And happy.

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      2. I must have missed that one – so sorry as know you were excited about it. And sorry I missed the blog too, I am so far behind on reading it’s silly! The fun of having a small human hey! Oh did I tell you he’s sleeping through the night now? Funny as I feel more tired! Ha. Anyhow I’ll make a note to re read through your posts. Have a lovely week

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      3. That’s okay David. I remember what it’s like to have a little Bub (though it has been a few years). You just enjoy him. And enjoy those sleep ins, didn’t anyone tell you, as a parent you’re perpetually tired, haha. 😏


    1. Hi mike. Thank you for the comment and I am so glad you agree. Although knowing your blog I had a feeling you would. I hope you dont mind but I wanted to use nature has no boss as my next spotlight feature? I absolutely love your photography it’s incredible. The image of the hare was just beautiful. Let me know if that’s ok and if I can use one of your images also making sure it’s detailed as yours of course.


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