Spotlight – Nature Has No Boss

Next up on the Spotlight series is the incredible Nature has no boss run by Mike Bizeau.



This blog is a little different to others we have reviewed thus far, as Mike’s words are secondary to his incredible photography. Mike concentrates on the concept of nature and our natural surroundings that are sometimes overlooked in our busy day-to-day lives.

They say that a picture tells a thousand words – well for Mike nothing could be could more true! Each and every image has the ability to take the viewer on a journey, captivating every memory you have of the subject matter and encapsulating it in a picture perfect moment.

hareCourtesy of ‘Nature had no boss’

He shows the beauty in the natural environment so perfectly – I sometimes feel that I am there with him in that very moment – it’s timeless.  He sees the beauty in all aspects of natural environment, from the most basic of fallen trees, to the more eclectic wildlife shots.  It makes you think about what you miss every day just on the drive to work… Nature’s work at its finest.

As a budding amateur photographer, I look up to a number of the photographers on WordPress, as they are so in tune with their art it’s astonishing. Mike is definitely an inspiration to me, as his imagery is nothing short of captivating.

We hope that you are enjoying our spotlight series.

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