Essential Australia – Catch Up

After a few weeks off the Essential Australia Series, we wanted to revisit and provide a catch up of the current series…

We have been very lucky in travelling the majority of the tourist routes in and around Australia.

We have travelled overland to:

  • Sydney to Cairns,
  • Cairns to the Daintree,
  • Sydney to Melbourne,
  • Melbourne to Adelaide
  • Adelaide to Uluru
  • Uluru to Darwin/Kakadu
  • Broome
  • Perth to Denmark
  • Perth to Exmouth

We also realise that it’s a popular country to visit offering pretty much everything, from idyllic beaches to lush rainforest and ancient culture.

Please see the Essential Australian series on A Wandering Memory below:

Individual Locations

If you want more information on any Australian location or are thinking of visiting feel free to get in touch.

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