A Nomadic Nature

Inherently we have been Nomads for many years…

Navigating, Wandering and Exploring the world in a Transient manner.

There is so much to see, so much to do and millions of adventures still to experience

We will always be nomads at heart…

Here’s a Wandering Memory image of a storm we experienced on a single night in the Australian bush.


11 thoughts on “A Nomadic Nature

      1. Have been on your blog again and see that you have indeed been here (among other places) . Well I have not been out “there” a lot. Stayed a year in Namibia but for the rest stayed in different places in South Africa. See you love Kruger this is a blog with my 10 favourite photos and on the header is a photo of Table Mountain taken from the sea (in Afrikaans but I promise you you will understand the photos 🙂 )


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