The Great Wall Bridge

An interesting daily-post photo challenge this week of – Bridge

Most countries around the world have an example of a bridge within their borders. Some are modern, some are beautifully decorated and some even define architectural brilliance.

Having traveled extensively there were so many that sprung to mind

  • Golden Gate
  • Sydney Harbor
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Rialto Bridge
  • Tower Bridge
  • Kapellbrucke
  • Stari Most

However I wanted to share an experience, instead of just an image this week.

The experience in question is hiking the Great Wall of China and undertaking the daunting task of crossing a rickety old bridge where the wall has decayed and crumbled.

dave 046

dave 049

dave 050

This bridge gave us another dimension on the marvel that we were witnessing, however I must admit to being a little worried about its stability!



9 thoughts on “The Great Wall Bridge

  1. Very good article, I enjoyed the pictures, I did not even know of this bridge, I enjoy learning new things, I guess that is one of the reasons I do this blog, to learn. I am going to reblog this article for you.

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