A Wandering Update

After 2 years of continuous blogging, I have found myself in a bit of a slump.

I haven’t written anything in a good 3 months, and every time I try to I just can’t seem to piece together the words.

It’s not because I have nothing to say, the exact opposite actually. We are having one of, if not the most incredible year bringing up our son. He is so inquisitive, adventurous and overall such a happy soul… it’s an absolute joy…

It maybe that we are so dedicated to him, that spare time has become a rarity… A couple of nights after he has gone to bed, I have found myself opening the laptop to share an experience or trip , but as soon as I open ‘word’ to type – my mind shuts down and I end up staring at the illuminated screen.

Time is definitely a factor when writing, as is inspiration.

But I find that now I write Technical and Project specifications for a living, my creativity is slightly diminished.

Watch this space though as we have been to a number of adventures and have many coming up.

Fear not though we will be back to share some magical moments  and look forward to chatting to you all soon.



10 thoughts on “A Wandering Update

  1. So great to hear from you again David. I wouldn’t worry too much about the writing slump, we all go though them at some stage. I’ve no doubt you’ll get your mojo back. Besides, it sounds as though Rhys is keeping you both well and truly on your toes. 🙂

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  2. Juggling parenthood and work are hard enough, then throw blogging in there….well, I wouldn’t have been able to handle it! Take your time and give yourself a break! You are doing a great job and the blogosphere will be here when you want it! 🙂

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  3. Wonderful to hear from you! Having an infant is the most incredible yet exhausting time ever! Enjoy it as those months and years go way way too fast! There is plenty of time to blog! 🙂 Take your time and enjoy your son. We’ll be here when you are ready to post!


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