‘Where should I go?’

I had a dream last night whereby my son was older and he said to me

‘Dad I want to go see the world’

A feeling of elation and pride came over me…

‘Where should I go?’

An incredible flood of memories hit me all at once, my mind started to race – so much so that it actually woke me up!

I sat in bed smiling at the possibility that one day he may actually ask that question and I will be able to share all my stories and adventures with him.

So the question still stands – ‘Where would I tell my son to go?’

The simple answer was ‘everywhere’…

Every journey no matter if its to the far reaches of Australia or the countryside behind your childhood can become a memory you cherish for life.

That party on a beach, that first taste of an exotic food, the family holidays you don’t appreciate until your much older, the stranger you met who becomes a lifelong friend, the realization that you are somewhere so far away from home, taking that risk to explore something new…

I simply can’t wait for our boy to explore the world with us, and eventually if he wants to, on his own terms…



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