Awaken a dragon

Care must be taken whilst trekking in the islands of Indonesia.

You wouldn’t want to witness the Awakening of a sleeping dragon…

Due to the Komodo Dragons amazing camouflage, every step in their domain is a potential risk.

Don’t be fooled by their lazy like nature, if you awaken one – you’ll have the chase of your life!

But witnessing these incredible ancient beasts in their natural habitat is priceless

A true adventure…


11 thoughts on “Awaken a dragon

      1. I could go on for days on this topic! Greenland, Indonesia, Palau, Switzerland, Chile, Patagonia, South Korea, I’d like to do a thru hike in the United States, Canoeing the Boundary Waters (US), River Rafting in the Yukon area of Canada, diving in the Philippines, kayaking and surfing in Fiji, .and hundreds more. I am all over the map – lol. Do you have a list???

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      2. Where is palau? Surprised I’ve not heard of it as know most places… been to 66countries so far! I had a list on here a while back but probably worth starting a new one again… it’s all part of the wanderlust. Ps I’ve done the Yukon it is incredible wilderness

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