Inspiration at its core!

Since becoming a father I have set aside my desire to travel to far off exotic locations. However as any traveler knows Wanderlust is a flame that is near on impossible to extinguish.


My inspiration these days comes from my family, especially our little boy who is now 15 months old. It’s so easy to get lost in his excitement, joy and wonder… it’s just as intoxicating as wanderlust, but a little less expensive (in certain circumstances).

It’s just incredible to see the excitement he gets from a field, a puddle, a stone or a flower. You could buy him the most expensive toy and he’d find more enjoyment from the box than the toy itself.

It’s a way of looking at the world through innocent, untainted eyes… Its inspiration at its core!

When do we stop seeing the excitement in everything? When do we stop finding inspiration from our day to day activities?

I suppose that’s what drew me into travel in the first place – the excitement I get from every element, from the journey to the meals, the landscape to the culture, and the people to the activities.


Now we get to share that with our little boy.. what could be better than that?

It’s funny just writing about it makes me smile; there I was sitting here struggling for inspiration…

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