Where did the last 37 years go?

I’ve been listening to a band called ‘Deaf Havana’ a lot recently.

They are classified as an Alternative Rock Band, but their music to me is a mix of melodic poetry mixed with great storytelling.

I listen to them when I am working, and it helps drown out the silence within my office.

A song on their latest album, a track called ‘Anemophobia’ has a lyric ‘I wonder – where did 25 years go?’

It got me pondering – where did the last 37 years go?

Looking back, all in all it’s been a pretty good 37 years… I mean there have been ups and downs, but overall, life has been generous.

I’ve had some of the most incredible travel adventures; here are some of the highlights

  • Proposing to my wife in the paradise which is Bora Bora


  • Hiking a Sand dune in the Namib desert just to watch the sunrise


  • Diving tropical Indonesian waters
  • Diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa


  • Seeing an Opera in Sydney’s Opera House


  • Camping in the wild in Africa


  • Exploring the Fijian Islands on a whim

Dave1 073

  • Hiking the Great Wall of China

dave 043

  • Taking a wooden canoe into the Venezuelan wilderness to see Angel Falls

Featured Image -- 8618

  • Partying in Americas playgrounds of Vegas and New York


  • Skiing through the Canadian Rockies


  • Hiking a Glacier


  • Cruising around Alaska


  • Wandering the winding streets of Venice and Kyoto


  • Exploring the ruins of ancient society in Guatemala


  • Witnessing wildlife in four African countries

Cheetah Blog

It’s been generous, because I have been privileged to be the son of some incredible parents, who have only ever wanted me to become the best version of myself.

I’m married to an incredible woman who has always embraced my wanderlust and made it our wanderlust, Together we now have some of the most incredible memories one could dream of.

Twenty years ago I would never have thought I could have achieved all of this. Essentially by embracing opportunities life has presented me and taking a chance here and there, I am where I am today.

Don’t get me wrong years some have been more challenging than others but overall 37 years have been pretty incredible.

Thanks to all those who have been a part of the journey so far!



6 thoughts on “Where did the last 37 years go?

    1. It’s not all been fun and games but with hindsight I’ve been luckier than most… however you only really have hindsight when you get older! I wish I’d had it younger and wish I’d started exploring on my own younger too

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